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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Claire & Ryan, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Claire & Ryan

    Claire & Ryan New Member

    North Lakes

    Hi there
    We have frantically been trying to make head nor tail of all the different suburbs doing lots of reasearch.
    One particular area seems to be quite appealing to us and that is North Lakes.
    We are a couple in our mid 30s with two young boys 3.5yrs and 12months and from what we have read the area does suit families.
    Any comments or views on this area would be greatly appreciated.
    Claire & Ryan x
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2011

  2. Xenon

    Xenon New Member


    We're moving in August. I've got a job near the aurport, and we're looking at a northern suburb too. Anywhere from Redcliffe to Boondall. We've got a 7 year old, so our starting point is check out the school, then look for somewhere near the railway line.

    I'd like to trade information if you're up for it.


  3. Claire & Ryan

    Claire & Ryan New Member

    Hey Martin
    Yes, definitely up for trading info.... We don't have a moving date yet - visa applications just about to be lodged. We are doing a really complicated self sponsored visa app but the up side is that the turnaround is really quick so all being well, we should know pretty much by Easter - then it will be all systems go! - Never know, may get to move around same time as yourselves....
    So, will keep you updated on what we find out.
    Take care
  4. guest1919

    guest1919 New Member

    Just wanted to say hello - sorry I can't really help with this area as we only had a quick nosey around there when we first arrived. There did seem to be lots of children around - quite a few British ... not sure whether you see that as a good or bad thing - lol! Have you had a look at the sister site - pomsinoz - think I remember seeing some bits about that area before. Good luck with your search .... I remember the feeling of needle in a haystack ... :confused:
  5. Xenon

    Xenon New Member

    We don't have a definite move date either. We're just about to apply for a 121 ENS visa, so hopefully we'll get the result withing a couple of months or so.

    I must admit, some parts of this process take a bit of getting your head around. Shipping costs for one. We're moving from switzerland, and the quotes we're getting for a partial container (really just a big wooden wardrobe on a double pallet) are as much as a whole container from the UK.

    Another thing I can't seem to get my head round is the internet/phone packages there. Here, you just go to SwissCom and buy one of their 3 offers, each of which is pretty standard. But in Oz there are dozens of plans from each provider, some of which depend on your suburb, caps-nocaps, "shaped" bandwidth.

    And, of course, at some stage we'll have to speak to an estate agent. And admit that we're........renters.
  6. hannash

    hannash New Member

    hey claire and ryan if we move we are targetinng n,lakes also 2ad 2 kids we are mid 30's ,mind if we jump in ,,we have looked at dozens of areas ,this one looks good all round
  7. Claire & Ryan

    Claire & Ryan New Member

    Hey Xenon
    You are way ahead of us by looking at internet/phone packages!!! We have been pretty consumed with business matters - when all visa's granted, we are going to be setting up our business there so spent alot of time getting my head around all the business issues - won't bore you with the details LOL!
    I have done alot of 'googling' at property and to rent, they seem pretty reasonable, I have seen some rather nice properties for between $300-$400 a week. Definitely better than you would get here.
    Will keep you posted
  8. Claire & Ryan

    Claire & Ryan New Member

    Hi hannash
    Yeh definitely 'jump in' - I have read on Poms in Oz last night that NL is apparently quite british so just trying to decide if thats a good thing or not - good from the point that I think it would help with the settling in process but not so good if you don't get to appreciate the Oz way of life so much!!! decisions, decisions!!!!
    How old are your two kids? I have had a look at the North Lakes State College which covers the children from prep upwards - looks pretty good.
    One thing that has proved to be a bit of a pain - my eldest would be starting school this year here but they tend to start later so he will have to wait another year :( - he is so ready!!!
    When do you hope to move?
  9. Xenon

    Xenon New Member

    Well, we've been kind of engaged in the process for about 2 years on and off. Some decisions we'll have to leave til we're there. But with the excitement of anticipation, we've spend quite some time trying to research this and that. I couldn't count the hours we've spend doing virtual tours of the houses for rent, doing checks for donuts and fishtails using aerial maps. It's turning into a bit of a hobby in itself. I was even thinking of starting a thread for the most inappropriate estate agents description of a house. It helps pass the time at least.

    Can I ask; what kind of business will you open in Brisbane?
  10. Claire & Ryan

    Claire & Ryan New Member

    Hi Xenon
    I know what you mean about how many hours are spent viewing all the houses for rent/sale. It can become quite addictive - especially on The only problem is, I find most of their listings are very out of date!!!!
    Our business is furniture repairs and upholstery. We are believe that our service is pretty unique to what is currently being offered out there - not to bore you too much but everyone out there seems to do just leather and alot of car interior (dashboard) repairs where we offer a complete service to leather, fabric, wood, glass and motion furniture as well as beds. It will completely be a 'do or die' risk!!! But because Upholsterer was removed from the SOL in July, we are having to get our UK business to become an approved sponsor, then nominate the occupation/ryan and then ryan to get a 457 long stay temporary visa. A massive risk, especially with two children but we will have to make it work!!!!

    What work will you be doing?
  11. Xenon

    Xenon New Member

    That's a nice site to get a good look at a house. The site we look at most is Rental Properties, Homes for Rent and Apartments to Lease - The properties are pretty up to date, but the photography is nowhere near as good. There's a clear difference between the amount of effort they put in for rentals compared to sales. Sometimes the rental pictures aren't even in focus. If I was renting a house I'd be a bit peed off if the agent couldn't be bothered to do a half decent job.

    I imagine there'd be a shed load of damaged furniture in Qld right now. I guess you need some kind of workshop as well as a home. That's one additional problem I don't have. I work in IT, so all I need to bring is my laptop. The company I work for make road building technology. They've got an office near the airport, so we're looking at either living within a few kilometres of there, which means I could pushbike to work, or maybe along one of the northern train lines. We live in a small town now, and we're not too fussed to move into the city centre. Anywhere up to and including Redcliffe remains a possibility.

    I can imagine your application is complicated. we started off heading for a 175. That was derailed when the CSL points were withdrawn for IT skills. Then we shifted to 176, waited for the new SS lists to come out only to be thwarted again. Then, after a fairly lengthy consultation period, the company I work for decided they'd support the move over. They were going to apply for a 457 too, but that would've involved an increased training overhead for local staff. You must have a mountain of paperwork to get approved status for an offshore employer.

    What made you choose Brisbane?
  12. hannash

    hannash New Member

    yeh hi all ,been on a forum before in ireland but now that we are trying to fine tune it to even down to suburbs we came to b,i,b.we are trying for a 175 ind visa ,we have fomily that moved to mango hill 2 years ago,not far from n,l and are definatley not comming back ,everything about there new life is fantastic ,and they are the type of people that dont get excited about stuff ,haveing said that they say it is a bit more expensive than what they had imagined ,we were going to change to a 176 ss visa but we were delayed that much we said if we were meant to go we will get a 175 so we decided not to ,my girls are 9 and 5 and weve been telling the older girl to try to start prepareing her for it its working ok for ,,,is every one going to rent or buy or undecided
  13. Claire & Ryan

    Claire & Ryan New Member

    I have been known to sit here well into the late hours just looking at the properties - it is so consuming!!
    Yes, we are aiming that in the future we will need a workshop but currently here, we converted our garage to a worksho so everything is based at home. Looking that alot of the properties have double garages, we are aiming to be able to use that to keep things going.

    Push biking to work - very healthy, definitely the right idea of getting into they lifestyle LOL...
    Paperwork side of things has been pretty daunting - asking customers and suppliers to give references without them knowing what it is for - we have not told many people yet as if it doesn't happen, won't have to explain everything and also a very indepth business plan which did take me some time and just waiting for our visa agent to confirm it is suitable.
    So I take it your company are assisting alot with the visa applications and relocation?

    We chose Brisbane mainly because of climate and population. With work here, we currently cover an area with a population of approx 4-4.5m people so to match what we had we need the numbers so of course Sydney would have been number one choice but it would work out just far too expensive for us! Melborne being next - climate just had a question mark, too unpredictable and Perth was too far out, although growing rapidly in population, it would be like being in a different country with a 6 hour flight to another OZ city....
    Have you ever been out to OZ - will you have the chance to do a reccie visit?
    We havent been, doing this completely blind, which is pretty scarey - suppose if it was just me and hubby might not seem so bad but when you have the little ones to think about - makes it a bigger risk...
    What about yourselves? Brisbane the place because of your work?
  14. Xenon

    Xenon New Member

    I'm always quite surprised how big the garages are. And yet you rarely see a car in one. I guess you have to adjust your imagination for a different architectual style. We live in a house that has a parking space for the car (where it's forbidden to use this space for anything else), a cellar (which _is_ used to store everything else) and a small lawn/patio/garden. When we look at a house, the first thought is "Wow, look at the huge patio/pool/lawn". The next thought is "errr....where can we put our empty rucksacs??"

    The pushbike idea is an outside chance, BTW. Another Ossie fact of life seems to be that most people have one car per adult. Of course, if you can reduce that, then that leaves quite a lot left over each week for extra rent money.

    My employer is supporting the visa application, but we're handling all the details of the the move itself. We're very grateful, because once you know your place of work a lot of other things fall into place. We had considered some suburbs on the south side, and we'll definitely visit them to have a look. But, like I say, you've got to tot up the total cost of living, and if you've got a lengthy commute then it's bound to impinge financially, when not socially. I've never been a fan of long commutes, however cheap.

    We have been to Australia before, but only for 24 hours, so I don't think that really counts as a reccie. Initally, we looked at Perth too. In the end the offer of a job swung us towards Brisbane. And we're pretty happy about that. Ironically, the thing that turned me off Perth was that it seemed very dry.

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