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  1. djburgessuk

    djburgessuk Guest

    Calling all pommie football fans on the Gold Coast that miss the one good thing about the uk.
    Gold Coast United is the fledgling A-League team on the Gold Coast (currently in its first year of operation). I have been a Brisbane supporter for 2.5 years, but am moving to Gold Coast in Jan and will be within 3 mins bus ride of the stadium, hence my loyalty has quickly vanished and I already own the Gold and blue top of GCU.
    The fan base still has room to grow, although it is doing very well for its first year and the team itself is doing amazingly (currently 3rd). The stadium is in Robina, next home match is on 9th Jan. All comers welcome, and if you fancy a drink before the game, the supporters group meet in RQ's pub in Robina before hand, with a free bus put on to take you direct to the stadium.
    It's not like the footy used to be/can be in the uk in that it is very family friendly and there is no agro. I took my 3yo daughter to the game on boxing day and she has been going to the Brisbane games since she was 2yo.

    So, if you are interested, give it a go, come along. Any questions, just let me know (I'm still a newbie to this club so my answers may be delayed/second hand!). The finals start in Feb/March and GCU will def be a part of that. The atmosphere should be great in the fantastic brand new stadium.

    Hope to see you there/hear from you soon!

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