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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by nicmeg, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. nicmeg

    nicmeg Guest

    Hi all we arived in Brisbane just over 24 hours ago now and am still as excited as before we moved. I am just after some advice of food shopping. Yesterday I just popped to the woolworths to grab some food to get through the first 24 hours and found it quite pricy I am guessing its probably best to just get things like tins, pasta and stuff from the supermarket and then try and get the rest from the markets. I was also very tired yesterday after 23 hours travelling with 3 children age 5 and under which I guess did not help with looking for cheaper products. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am currently living in Toowong for a few weeks till we find a house and our things arrive.
    Many Thanks

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Friut markets mainly offer the best price on fruit and veg,, butchers for meat ,,HOWEVER i have found of late Coles have some really good offers on most weeks and you soon get into the habit of stockpiling stuff when its on offer.
    Its also worth signing up for a Woolys everday rewards card as this gives you discounts off your fuel and if linked to a Quantas frequent flyer account you can save up your points to buy gift cards,, i aways try and save to get a $100 gift card near to Xmas.

    Also bear in mind ,when you first arrive and see the $$ price rather than the pound price, some things 'seem' dearer when actually theyre not. For example when i left the UK my average shop was 125 GBP, when i came here and the checkout girl said $200 i nearly died,,lol, but when you convert it ,its actually cheaper than what i was spending in the UK ,just seemed more because the 'figure' was more.. (hope that makes sense,lol)

    For your first few months, keep your eyes peeled and try to shop around, you will be amazed how much prices vary shop to shop and suburb to suburb.. Dont panic you will get into the jist of it eventually,lol

    Cal x
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Just to add - another tip is dont look for familiar brands, try the Aussie versions (some you will like, some you probably wont) , imported stuff is alot dearer.

    Cal x
  4. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Hi Nichola,

    If you have a car try shopping at nearby Ashgrove instead. It has a Coles, Woolworths and Aldi next to each other so you can compare the often much cheaper Aldi against the other two.

    You often get a regular "specials" leaflet put in your mailbox by the supermarkets which might prove helpful...if you don't have one yet it is often on the front counter in the store I think.

    You could try the West End markets at Davies Park on a Saturday morning for fruit and veg and a nice morning out...bring a ball for the kids...
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2012
  5. nicmeg

    nicmeg Guest

    Thank you so much for your advice its much appreciated. I did the food shop and also went to fruit and veg shop which was cheaper. I think it will just take time, I am in a apartment at the minute to which is pretty tiny till we move into a house later this month when our furntire arrives so will be easier in planning and cooking I hope,lol.
    Thank you, Nichola,x
  6. lap70

    lap70 New Member

    It has been a while since I lived and went shopping in Brisbane but we first went out to Australia in 1988 and the supermarkets were more expensive than the UK ones. However, we found it cheaper to buy fresh fruit and veg at a separate shop - they sell dollar bags of different stuff etc and also to buy meat from a butcher rather than the supermarket. Tinned and frozen/micro meals seem to be much more expensive there but probably because the fresh fruit/veg and meat is cheaper so why would you want to go for the frozen stuff? It is just a case of adjusting the way you shop and cook your food. For tinned beans we found the SPC to be much better than Heinz - the brands they sell in Australia that are the same, unless they are imported and would probably be very expensive, do not taste the same as they do over in the UK. I remember the hypermaket in Aspely selling Tesco own brand baked beans for something like $4 and they would only be about 40p over here at the time.
  7. WanderingStar

    WanderingStar New Member

    Hi there! I've been here nearly 18 months and have 3 main tips for you on the grocery shopping front:

    1) I was also horrified at prices when I first got here, but like Cal, I'd advise you to stop trying to convert $ to £. Once you are earning in $, you will find the cost is proportionately about the same and you won't bat an eyelid at spending over $200 on your weekly shop.

    2) Don't expect to do all your shopping under one roof at the supermarket: Coles and Woolies are nothing like Sainsburys and Tescos, and never will be. I go there for basics but have learnt to find pleasure in exploring the local farmers' markets (try Rocklea for bulk buying fruit and veg quite cheaply) and discovering special delis, bakeries and fishmongers around the different Brisbane suburbs. It is more of an old-fashioned style of shopping, which is good, as it means big supermarkets have not put the little one-off shops out of business here, like they have in the UK.

    3) Lastly, convenience food and ready meals are far more expensive and not as common here as they are in the UK, so be prepared to get creative and learn how to rustle up new dishes with all the different fruits, veg, fish etc on offer here. It's more effort, but you do get used to it, and I'm guessing it's helathier too.

    And if all else fails and you're desperate for your UK comforts, try the Celtic Koala on Lutwyche Road or Britain on the Bayside out Wynnum way. They are quite expensive but sometimes it's worth it to fork out for some Yorkshire Tea or whatever.

    I hope that helps!

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