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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by the scottish smiths, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    hi folks,

    as you see we fly out on the 21st/11/12 wont arrive till the 23rd tho. cant wait. need to get long term accomodation sorted then wwe will be looking to meet some more people, were looking at the GAP to live in. anyone in there please leave a comment, ill chase you up in the next few weeks.

    gordon lisa and becca

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Good Luck with your journey guys, exciting times ahead..

    Cal x
  3. kelsb21

    kelsb21 New Member

    good luck with the move. we have just been granted our 457 visa's. my husband will fly ahead of us in Jan 2013 we (myself and 2 kids 3 and 6) will follow once house is sold :wacko: We have also deceived to move to the gap. Let us know how it's all going. Look forward to hearing from you. Remember if it gets tough count to ten smile and remember what a great opportunity this is.
  4. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    firstly thankyou CAL


    i will keep you posted with how it goes, if you PM me i will give you my e-maill address, it would be good to have people who are going through the same things. what jobs do you have and where are they? i would have liked to do what yous are doing and fly ahead on my own but we (partner) felt that this was a family adventure so we should do it together.

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