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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Oakey81, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Oakey81

    Oakey81 Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Michael, originally from Liverpool. I have been in Australia for almost 4 years, travelled around a fair bit. I work in central QLD as a Geologist on a coal mine. I have spent most of my time off in Adelaide where my parents and brothers live, however I have decided the commute was too much and have relocated to Brisbane to be closer to work.

    I have just moved into a rental appartment in Brisbane CBD.

    I am keen to meet new people as I only have friends from work in Brisbane and they are few and far between. I miss havin mates on call to go for a drink with or just catch up.

    I am single and am realising it can be quite lonely when you havent got too many mates haha..

    I am looking forward to meeting new people through this...

    Hope to hear from people in a similar situation.

    Speak soon

    Michael :)

  2. dolphindiva

    dolphindiva Guest

    Just to say hello,

    Not very helpful on the mates front as we're a family in brisbane bayside however hopefully someone in a similar situation will soon come along, also there is a facebook group called the brisbannites it might be worth you looking it up as they have monthly meet ups and we're not all families that go along
  3. Oakey81

    Oakey81 Guest

    Thanks Dolphindiva, I'll take a look :)
  4. Hi Michael, I'm a Pom who has also been in Brisbane for about (4 years) on and off (although was back in the UK for the last couple of years training as a teacher) and also interested to meet up with other Brits for beers and banter etc. I've sent you a message with my mobile number in. I'm moving this weekend, but any time after that would be great. Cheers, Matt.
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  5. Jen

    Jen Guest

    Hi Michael,

    I've recently moved to Brisbane from the UK (sunny Scotland) and am also looking to extend my network outwith the office.

    I'm a design engineer for a engineering consultants in Toowong.

    If you fancy hooking up just give me a shout.



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