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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Churchill Noble, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Hi, would just like to introduce myself, i have been lucky enough to have been granted my residents visa in the last couple of years and have finally tied up enough loose strings to make it out here. I am a bit of a transient, i have lived in the North, south and somewhere in the middle and my work has taken me all over europe, hopefully i can now leave this life behind and start concentrating on my family.
    I have four wonderful children, who have really made the decision final, they absolutely love it out here, the weather, the water and the life.
    would really like to meet up with brits who enjoy the more relaxing side of life and family.
    I have set up a business that benefits Brits who have moved out to Australia and would be grateful of any help in making a success.
    anyway, i look forward to speaking/messaging new friends soon.

    take care


  2. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Welcome to Brits in Brizzy x

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