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Discussion in 'Brisbane & South East QLD' started by NeilEb, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. NeilEb

    NeilEb Guest

    Does anyone know anything about these suburbs? South east of the CBD by the looks of things.

    Is it easy to commute to the CBD from there? Decent for young kids?

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    We stayed in Chapel Hill when we came with the BBC and i thought it was horrendous with kids as it was reallyyyyyyyyyyyy hilly so made walking anywere with them really hard work. Dont get me wrong the houses are nice, its quite up market and has some lovely tree lined streets, but yeah rule out walking anywere with littlies.

    I dont know anyone in Mt Ormaney but know a few familys who live around Sinnamon Park,Jindalee etc and they love it. Good Schools. easy access to the city and reasonably priced housing.

    Cal x
  3. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    I think you're holding your map upside down....west/sw of the CBD :) As Cal says Chapel Hill is in the foothills of Mt Coot-tha so can be very hilly. The advantage is beautiful tree's, access to mountain bike tracks etc but if you live in a street/area that is very hilly makes it more difficult to walk/cycle. Most of these hilly suburbs have parts that are flat that give the best of both worlds, beautiful tree lined streets with a mountain backdrop, and walkable streets. Personally I would just find those flatter streets/pockets rather than discount the area. As you move further away from the mountain it flattens out so you could either choose the parts of the suburb that were flatter or look at the surrounding suburbs like Indooroopilly that flatten out as they approach the river. I think parts of Indooroopilly are the pick within walking distance of the train station (river side of the station) but it is a more upmarket area so you may want more affordable housing out in the further out suburbs Cal mentioned. With Jindalee be particularly careful to read the flood maps as quite a bit flooded - even though mostly confined to the parks so just need to be careful to check what parts flood rather than rule it out as it is usually very specific pockets/streets with no risk at all to other parts.
  4. NeilEb

    NeilEb Guest

    Well, Australia is upside down, so isn't East on the left down there?

    Ahem, that's my excuse anyway....

    Ok, I'll probably discount Chapel Hill then - I like my cycling, but hills kill me.

    How about Fig Tree Pocket, does that suffer the same problem with hills? I'll obviously look at the areas in more detail, but in general are these nice 'burbs for a commute into the CBD, and also good for kids? FTP State School seems really nice.
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Neil
    None of the areas you mention are 'bad' areas and with them being close to the city there should be an abundance of things to do for the kids. My kids are non stop and we are pretty rural compared to the areas your looking at,lol.

    Cal x
  6. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    FTP is in a high socio economic area so you will find everything that goes along with that. Good schools, nice area full of trees, expensive houses and good location. They are pretty good for the commute but one suburb over in Indooroopilly is excellent due to the train with not many stops into the CBD. From FTP you would be on the bus which might get stuck in traffic sometimes along coronation drive.

    The main cycling track in Brisbane, the Bicentennial Bikeway, runs from the CBD out towards Toowong along the river. From Toowong cyclists connect up with the bikeway that runs down the side of the western freeway out past Fig Tree Pocket. See this map:

    Bicentennial Bikeway

    Western Freeway
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2011
  7. If cycling is what you have in mind, I would personally rule out Chapel Hill. We people tell you it is very hilly, read EXTREMELY hilly! Some streets would make you believe you're on a roller coaster! As for commuting, you'd need to use Moggill Road which tends to be very busy on peak hours.
    The Mount Ommaney area is much flatter and gives direct access to the Centenary Highway which brings you straight into the CBD or, if you so choose, quickly to Darra to catch your direct train (20 minutes ride to Brisbane Central).
    Both areas offer great shopping places (Kenmore, Indooroopilly, MtOmmaney Shopping Centre, etc.) and are quite good for kids, with lots of parks, playgrounds and quality schools.

    Philippe, for Open House Realty Group

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