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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by plinkabob, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. plinkabob

    plinkabob Guest

    I moved here (Coorparoo) a month ago to join my partner who is from Brisbane. Since I got here I haven't really done much as I am very shy and not very good at meeting new people. Also I have no car and my boyfriend is at work all day and the idea of going out on my own is a little scary. If anyone fancies going out, showing me the sights or generally just having a laugh during the day I would love to get to know the city. It's a bit daunting on my own.:redface:

    I'm 25 and studying to become a bookkeeper/accountant. My boyfriend is an architect and is also 25 (on Sunday :biggrin:)

    A friendly face would be ever so much appreciated, even if you are just about as lost as me.



  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Helene
    sorry to hear your feeling down, if you can drive i would seriously look into getting a litle car for yourself. I couldnt imagine living here and having no car, but then again i am a lazy trout who doesnt like walking!lol
    If you have a look at there is a section titles socialising, people often list coffee mornings, nights out etc ,im sure there would be something near you,,
    good luck with everything
    Cal x
  3. plinkabob

    plinkabob Guest

    I can't drive. My boyfriend is teaching me at the moment. I lived in London for far too long so all I know is busses and trains and they all seem so confusing here :eek:(
  4. piers

    piers Guest

    Hang in there it will be worth it in the end and that also applies to the driving lol, think the bus drivers are confused half the time as well lol. We live in wakerley but are 10+ years older than you plus we have a little one, gor i feel old now after putting that hang on We are in our late thirties, no still feel old.

    Life is for living, live it to the max, never look back on the sad things but always the things that make us smile.

    Piers,Lisa Evan 3 yrs old whos fav word at the mo is NO
  5. plinkabob

    plinkabob Guest

    I'm sure things will look up once I get a job. It's just so scary because it's all so new to me. I've gone from having bright red hair and multiple piercings, living in London and working in bars to dying my hair brown, completely changing my life and living with a heap of guys I don't know and trying to find office work to supplement my Accounting studies. So much change and not so much confidence :eek:(

    I'll get there in the end though :eek:)
  6. janine54

    janine54 Guest

    hi there, you could always go on Poms in oz site, people from here go on there and visa versa....good luck
  7. Helena Adams

    Helena Adams Guest

    Hi Ya!

    My name is Helena, moved here in Sept 08.

    Living in East Brisbane.

    I am 24, and always looking to meet new people

    I am on FB (

    Looks us up if you ever want a chat!

  8. Fred

    Fred New Member


    How's it all going? Are you starting to meet people? I hope things are a bit more settled and happy for you.


  9. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member


    so let ne get this right yor loking for a hot date to keep you happy duringthe day whilst your bloke is at work..?!! Do you know how appealing that is to almost every bloke on this /(any) site ? LOL !!
    Only kidding babe,....
    Listen - we arrive in Brssie in about 4 weeks and we are both "party people"!! We have 2 young boys; but we always make a point of meeting new people.....
    Im Steve and she's "mrs Steve" !!
    We will be having 2 weeks tourist holiday when we turn up, and you are more than welcome to come have some fun with us. Make sure you check with the other half first though as he may ge upset at you ejoying yourself "too-much"!!.
    Ive travelled for years and there is nothing worse than being alone in a foriegn place.
    Feel free to contact us- or pm me. WE ? I will definately come find you in a few weeks time...
    For now.. enjoy yourself ad have some fun; that s what life is all about.
    Spk soon babe
  10. Helena Adams

    Helena Adams Guest

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