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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by giggle, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. giggle

    giggle New Member

    Hi, wanted up to date info re how to get extra baggage allowance when emigrating to Oz. some other posts are a few years old and understand rules may have changed. we want to fly with Emirates. has anyone managed to get extra allowance because they're emigrating? how did you do this? the person from Emirates I spoke to said you can get discount of 20% on excess baggage when booking online, however you'd still have to pay for the excess. she also said you get double allowance if opening a bank account with NZ Bank. is it possible to open an account with NZ when you're not going to New Zealand? there also seem to be ways of getting free extra allowance which are not highlighted in the websites. again, has anyone done this and how did you go about it? thanks for any replies in advance x​

  2. teamv

    teamv New Member

    We only got here 2weeks ago and got the extra luggage allowance ,for every paid seat with an unused visa ,so that ment with our kids we got 160kg 40 each ,if your unsure phone the Manchester number for singapore airlines we found them more helpfull ,the only thing we did was booked the flights direct with them ,as I don't think it works if you go through a 3rd party .

    I just realised after wrighting this that you asked about a different airline,

    Last edited: Jun 17, 2012
  3. giggle

    giggle New Member

    Hi, thanks, all info is useful. for interest, how many cases did you use? I might have to get some second hand ones as won't need them again. Are you still in 'holiday' mode?
  4. teamv

    teamv New Member

    To be truly honest it's only really been the weekends that have felt like holidays ,it's a lot of time and effort trying to find the right house ,there's a lot of rubbish out there and we have imported our camper as well and that's akso been a headache .it maybe we are being fussy ,
    I'm not sure but one thing is a pool is an extra $100 a week on the rent plus the costs to run them ,you really need to decide if it's worth it ,we are going to try one then it will be out of our systems.

    Vicky said we had 6 large cases and we were 10kg under our 160 ,we had weighed them on the bathroom scales before ,we also had a fair bit of hand luggage with a laptop and trunki etc ,which was no trouble at all.
    We had our uk phones locked by tesco the first week and couldn't manage to sort it out with them ,so we bought new sim cards and a dongle for the laptop ,we have used a lot of 3G .

    We did buy theme park tickets in the uk ,they were $299 for 4 ,1 year passes to sea world ,movie world and wet and wild ,there well worth the money ,it means you can go when you have a spare half day ,we have used them 3 times already .
    I know it's a bit early yet for me to say this but , I really like it here and think once I start work the rest should fall into place ,hopefully we will be accepted for a rental we like tomorrow that will help ,we did get one early this week but we couldn't agree a price with the landlord ,as he didn't need to rent it as his tenants had broken a long lease and were still having to pay the rent ,something for anyone renting to think about there ,try and get a 6 months rental agreement to start with ,as the landlords will expect you to pay till the end of the lease .

  5. giggle

    giggle New Member

    like the idea of buying yearly pass for the theme parks, that will come in handy to keep the kids busy and also for Oz summer hols. they seem good value too compared to season tickets you buy in the UK for just one place. thanks for info on number of cases too. that'll be fun 5 of us trying to pack then having to weigh everything and probably take things out again! will have to buy a swear box in advance... keep in touch with your adventures so far, it makes it sound more real for those of us still in rainy UK
  6. crystal64

    crystal64 New Member

    Hiya, We arrived 3 weeks ago & flew Singapore airlines from Heathrow, they were fab. If you show your unstamped Australian visa/s at check in they double your checked luggage allowance from 20kg to 40kg, they didn`t restrict on the amount of suitcases (I think we had 9 pieces) & frankly they weren`t strict on the weight total. Hand luggage they didn`t check at all weight, size. It really wasn`t as stressful as we thought, even going through Aussie customs. Good luck.

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