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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by rugrat247, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. rugrat247

    rugrat247 Guest

    Hi everyone. I'm steve happily married to karen , have 4 great kids and we are currently in the early stages of an exciting adventure. I am a carpet/vinyl and laminate fitter of 18 years , karen currently in child welfare and looking to reside anywhere in the brisbane area. we found this site to be crammed with loads of useful information ,thanks to u guys, and look forward to hearing any more tips or useful information on flights,job salaries, best areas to locate and especially school (primary & secondary) information, also anything else interesting we may have missed. we hope to join u in oz sometime around the middle of next year..many thanks :)

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya guys youve made a good choice with Brisbane ,we love it here and the kids settled so well,theres so much for them to do.My son is in primary and found it quite easy to fit in ,the teachers were very helpful and couldnt do enough to make him feel welcome.My daughter is in child care at the local ABC centre,she is happy and has made freinds but i much prefer the uk center my children where at,here they dont seem to do much pre school learning ,more play,,but heh we cant have everything ,lol,,we live south west brisbane about 45 mins from the city or 45 mins from the beaches of the gold coast,we call it the happy medium as nothing is too far away and property is still affordable,,good luck with the visa its a stressful process but well worth it once your here,lol!!
    Cal x
  3. spamo

    spamo Guest

    We went North of Brisbane

    HI steve,
    Im Pam married to Stu with a 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter - they are loving it here, we arrived the 5th january this year. We have moved to a place called Albany Creek, I think its lovely here we look out on to the forest, our son cycles to school, its a really nice area not built up. The kids go to state school both are bigger than thier old UK schools, there are more classes in each year group, but they are smaller than the Uk my little girl has 25 in her class.
    About flights, we flew with Malasain airlines, they were Ok, but have nothing to compare it with, we did a 2 night stop in kuala Lumpur stayed at the Sunway hotels and Spa resorts, it was lovely, (english sockets in the rooms) and it really broke the journey.
    Good luck, hope it goes well.

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