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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by mills1984, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. kerry86

    kerry86 Guest

    Fab!! I'm just at the shops I'll msg you in fb when I get home x
  2. Jasmine

    Jasmine Guest

    Hi Gina, I just added you to facebook, hope that's okay! :)
  3. mills1984

    mills1984 Guest

    Hi ladies, I'm still super keen to meet some fellow ex-pats! I wanted to send a private message together to everyone who replied recently to this thread, but have no idea how to do it! I'm not very forum savvy :/ So I'm going to write a private message to everybody separately with my Facebook details, then feel free to add me! Might be easier then to plan a bit of a meet up through that rather than a public forum. Hope to hear from/meet some of you girls soon! Milla x
  4. JulRol

    JulRol Guest

    Hi Kerry,

    I just added you on Facebook and sent you a message. Hope to hear from you

  5. Anita25

    Anita25 Guest

    Hi All,
    It is such a relieve to see that others are also struggling to find good friends. I moved to Cairns in April. I would love to meet with you and have fun. If you are thinking of meeting up, please let me in :)
    Hope to hear from you :)
  6. Mmmew

    Mmmew Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Am new to this forum but found this thread, hoping some of you will see this as I know it's been going a while :)

    I relocated to Cairns a couple of weeks ago, 24 year old kiwi nurse, looking to make some girl friends that are keen to socialise. I like coffee/food/fitness/movies/shopping... The list goes on :p

    Hope to hear from you!

  7. Sarah07

    Sarah07 Guest

    Hi everyone! I moved to Cairns 2 years ago and it's really hard to meet friends with my job as everyone moves on quickly! (I work in a hostel) I love a night out every so often and just having a laugh etc etc. I'm 30 and originally from N.Ireland. Here with my bf. If anyone is keen to meet up let me know!
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  8. steph22

    steph22 Guest

    Hi there :)
    I just arrive in Cairns like yesterday. I come from Switzerland and i'm here for a few months to learn english. I'm 24 years old

    I'm gonna start english classes on monday. I'm living with other students but i really want to make some new girlfriends :) and maybe do some real cool stuff together like sports, scuba diving, visiting Cairns or just for a coffee!

    I'm really looking forward to read you :)
  9. lucy89

    lucy89 Guest

    Hey. I know this post is a bit old but I'm in the same situation now, I moved here 3 months ago but all my friends have moved on recently and I'm really keen to meet new people. I'm only here for another 3 months but I'd love to have a few meet ups within that time. Does anyone fancy going for a drink anytime soon? Let me know :)
  10. Hi everyone, Iv read through some posts and can see people are keen to meet up and make friends for gym, activities etc, which is brilliant. I (27) am moving from Adelaide with my hubby (31) in early April. We are both divers and I am also looking to find some good yoga classes in the area (any recommendations welcome). If anyone would fancy meeting up, I am heading up for the 13th April. Love all the usual things..Gin, Sun, Beach, Gin and Gin. x
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  11. Dublingirl

    Dublingirl Guest

    Hi ladies my 25 year old daughter moved to Cairns a few months ago but is really struggling with making new friends, she is finding it very lonely not being able to socialise with other girlfriends like she's used to. Please let me know if you are organising any meet ups, coffee dates etc and I'll try get her to join in, I think she is losing her social confidence. Thanks
  12. Lisa B

    Lisa B New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Great to see people reaching out to find new friends. I'm a Pommie who has been living in Cairns the last 3 years. I don't really have any friends here anymore as they have all moved on, so I'm keen to meet new people to socialise with and get to know. I'm in my 30's and live south of the city. If anyone is organising a get together, I would love to meet up! Thanks :)
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  13. Lisa B

    Lisa B New Member

    Hi Laura, I have a friend in the UK with the surname Coldwell, so your name jumped out at me! Give me a shout when you arrive and we could organise to meet up! Good luck with the move. PS I have not done yoga here but have been looking to get in to pilates and have found some classes in Edge Hill.
  14. Hsparkle20

    Hsparkle20 New Member

    Hello milla!
    Sounds very similar to me. Just can't find similar English girls.
    I work8 days away then 6 days off back at home every week too which makes it difficult. I have friends just not the same
  15. Hsparkle20

    Hsparkle20 New Member

    There's a brill yoga class everyday on mulgrave road opposite cairns one. After cairns show ground on that side. I used to go daily but focusing on muscle building currently :)
    Have you arrived yet?
  16. Hsparkle20

    Hsparkle20 New Member

    Hi lisa I'm also in my 30s and same thing. I have friends here but it's not the same and a lot have moved on also. I've been living in cairns a year with my partner.
    My partner works away often as he's a pilot and I work away for 8 days then back home for 6. Missing movie nights and cooking etc going out
  17. Gemma

    Gemma New Member

    Hi everyone I have recently moved to the Gold Coast from the UK and I'm looking to make some new friends if anyone fancies a catch up that would be great
  18. Stephy_D

    Stephy_D New Member

    Hi Girls,
    I'm considering a move to Cairns, and thought this might be the place to go for some advice on what to see/do/jobs, etc. It's interesting to read about others whom have relocated from interstate and overseas, and I am curious to hear how those of you that have stuck around are finding it. I am based in Adelaide, but want a sea change. A friend of mine has been in Cairns for almost four years and adores it. Hope this still gets checked! :)
  19. Trisha

    Trisha New Member

    Hello im trisha
    Im 27 kiwi living in cairns with my aussie bf, im finding it hard to make some girl mates!!!
    Ill be keen to catch up to :)
  20. thebears

    thebears New Member

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