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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by bec86, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. bec86

    bec86 Guest

    Hi all

    I'm Bec, I'm 24 and have been in Brisbane since December 2009. I have some friends through my boyfriend (an Aussie) but I would really like to get a group of great girlfriends!

    I work in Brisbane city so get in touch if you would like to meet up for lunch or a drink after work :laugh:


  2. Lornamm

    Lornamm Guest

    Hi Bec,
    I just moved to Brisbane with my Aussie boyfriend and am in the same position as you! I'm in Brisbane at the moment, but going up to Mackay in a couple of weeks for 2 months to chase some work. But always could do with a friendly face and a drink whilst I'm in Brisbane if you're interested?
  3. yakka335

    yakka335 Guest

    Careful how you go girls...!!
  4. northerngirl

    northerngirl Guest


    Would love to meet up if any girls fancy it!

    I moved here a couple of months ago through work and I'm missing meeting up for a girly chat and glass(or more) of wine. I'm 23 and based around the New Farm/Teneriffe area :)

    Private Message me if you're free
  5. kezza103

    kezza103 Guest


    I have recently moved to Brisbane from the UK (for partners work) and would love to make some new girl friends.
    In the UK i have a large group of friends and am struggling with not knowing many people here and having lots of time on my hands...(am yet to find employment).
    Im 29 and living in Kangaroo Point if anyone fancies a catch up....

    k x
  6. Jenny

    Jenny Guest

    Hi K
    I've only just moved to Brisbane for my husband's job too. We've been in the country for only two weeks and would love to meet up as I'm not working yet too. I'm 30 and living in the suburbs but it's all pretty close in the car and I'm also on a train line.
    Let me know if you want to meet.
  7. kezza103

    kezza103 Guest

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for responding....I am in Kangaroo Point so can get to the CBD or anywhere on the river with ease... (we havent sorted a car as yet). Let me know what area you are in and we can arrange to catch up for a coffee? I have to wait in for deliveries tomorrow but am free for the rest of the week...
    k x
    ps - i havent quite figured out how to PM people as can email me ( if thats easier...
  8. Jenny

    Jenny Guest

    Hi Kerri
    I've just emailed you.
  9. ukchica

    ukchica Guest

    Hi all!

    Anyone still looking for friends! I'm on facebook if anyone wants to add me, just look for my email address and briefly tell me who you are! I've been for just over a month and now needing to sort out some friends, as well as nights out and some sporting activities! For some reason, netball is waaay over subscribed over here :D

    Anyway, looking forward to coffee, cake, ice cream, wine or movies!!
  10. Jenny

    Jenny Guest

    Hi Laura
    I've sent you a message on FB.
  11. sayp

    sayp Guest

    Hey ladies! It sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat. Shall we meet for a drink somewhere? I am here with my Aussie partner too from Canada, just been here a month and missing the girls crew.
    Msg me!
  12. Still looking?

    Hi there, i know this post was sent ages ago but i was wondering if the offer was still open??
    I moved here just over 2years ago from Malta (Meditteranean island) and speak English.
    I have also had trouble making friends, apart from friends i work with & my boyfriend's friends.
    i work in the city- would love the opportunity to meet up with girls around my age (21) & in the same situation!!
  13. Lisa Nother

    Lisa Nother New Member

    Hi, I must be dim, but how do I find you on FB via your e-mail address??
  14. Lisa Nother

    Lisa Nother New Member

    Hi all, I'm bit older at 45, but young at heart. If you want to have a mixed aged group I'd love to meet up. I arrive in January (9th) and can also be found on FB under my name.
  15. cherry

    cherry Guest

    Hi there, am 43 but likewise young at heart! Am arriving in Brisbane 13 jan would love to meet up if you fancy chatting via email let me know.... Am sure you are up to your eyes at moment..we are surrounded by boxes here..!:biglaugh:
  16. Hi girls, not sure if anyone's still about (or interested!). I've just moved to Brisbane from Glasgow (for husbands work). I've yet to find employment and, while his colleagues have been very nice I don't have much in common with them and feeling a bit isolated. I'm 31 and have an 11 month old son, not yet found a nursery place either. I'm based in toowong but there's a good bus service into the city etc. (that I'm figuring out, still!) I'd love to make some new friends if anyone is interested?
  17. cherry

    cherry Guest

    Hi Rachel,

    I would be interested..! I am going to be based in Indooroopilly which is quite near to you. I am home most of the days as my kids are in school until 3pm. I will be moving to our house next week so would love to meet up for a long have you been here? We have been here under 2 weeks and are still finding our feet!

  18. Hi jillion,
    That would be great. My husband starts work next Wednesday. I was planning to take my son to Gymboree in indooroopilly that day, it finishes about half one so could meet you afterwards? If that's too close to school finishing we could arrange another time?
    weve been here three weeks tomorrow!
  19. cherry

    cherry Guest

    That sounds great, my husbands not working yet so he can pick the kids up for me - I can meet you in the shopping center...where do you think - any ideas - haven't had chance to try out many of the coffee shops yet:biggrin: . I will attempt to send you a pm with my mobile number.... J
  20. Emily

    Emily Guest

    Hey guys,

    I might be a bit late...

    I'm 23 and I flew into Brisbane on Wednesday for work. I am living in a hotel in the CBD for the time being. I'm now facing the prospect of my first weekend alone so if any one is about for a drink/day trip or anything give me a shout!


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