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  1. Laura Hamblett

    Laura Hamblett New Member

    Hi lovelies!!
    I'm moving out to the Gold Coast on feb 10th 2016! :) the only worry is homesickness, because I am such a sociable person! That's why I'm thinking right, let's get stuck in now and start meeting people online. I'm a really open, fun and friendly person, I love meeting people! If you love to go for a meal and a wine/cocktail or go clubbing/ surfing/for a coffee (well,a tea) or just generally anything fun then we'll get on great! Please feel free to add me on fb ( my user name is Laura Hamblett and I've got blonde hair, atm in my pic I have a blue dress on) and we can arrange a night out or a day at the beach or something! Looking forward to chatting to you, if a few people message me I might try and arrange a big night out haha :p xx
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  2. Rachel Scott

    Rachel Scott New Member

    Hey Laura, Hope you are loving the Gold Coast, I am from England and been here for a couple of years and would love to make some more friends :) If you fancy catching up then add me on Facebook its Rachel Scott and my profile picture is me, my sister, mum and niece. Maybe speak soon x
  3. Bianca

    Bianca New Member

    Hi Laura! I just added you on facebook...I think :p. I'm also new to the GC and am hoping to meet some girlfriends :). Hope we can chat and meet up soon!! xo
  4. Jamie-Lee

    Jamie-Lee New Member

    Hey guys!

    I have been on the Gold Coast for several years but have been so busy setting myself up that I didn't focus on meeting new people. I am now hoping to meet some new friends. I will send through a friend request and hope that we can catch up one day.


  5. Jaqueline

    Jaqueline New Member

    Hey Lovelies,
    I move out to Gold Coast on Feb 2015, but haven't really made any close friends. I am from Brazil and moved over here for my partner, however even I am happy to be with him, I am feeling a little bit lonely without friends, because I am such a sociable person:-/
    I love meeting people! I would love to meet up for coffee, drinks or adventures to explore this city / state :)
    Hope we can chat and meet up soon!!
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  6. Juliana

    Juliana New Member

    Hi laura
    Have you made any friends yet?

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