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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by ozzy81uk, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. ozzy81uk

    ozzy81uk Guest

    Hi guys,
    Is there anyone out there who is in any of the electric trades?
    I understand that to get a license in queensland I have to complete my ARTC.
    My apprenticeship was instrument and electrical, but im currently working as an industrial electrician in Germany. Im not sure what type of certificate i will get as an ARTC and therefore, not sure what licenses I can apply for? Do certain ARTC's limit the person to the type of license they can apply for?
    If I can't get the license I want is it possible to attend courses etc to acquire this?
    For example, as a maintenance instrument tech, a restricted license is issued (from what ive read and understood). But if I want to do any normal electrical maintenance/installation, I'd need an Electrical mechanic license.
    Anyone know the quickest way to get a license or the best way?
    Are there any courses in the UK which I could take to speed up the process once im there?

    Would appreciate any info or help!:err:



    p.s. my girlfriend is german and is an office clerk by proffession and has also completed a beauty therapy qualification. Does she also have to undergo some kind of skills assessment for her qualifications to be recognised in oz (to work), if so, where and with whom?
    I am the main applicant and therefore she does not need to prove her skills for migration purposes.

  2. alles

    alles New Member


    Hi and welcome.
    You will have to do a course:frown: over here so i'm told and get a licence:frown: and as for your girlfriend she will need to get her own visa unless you have a house in joint names ond you can prove you have lived together with picture proof. As some of our friends had to jump through hoops to get here.
    Hope that helps a bit and good luck the taylors coomera :smile:
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I do feel sorry for electricians ,i didnt realise what a palavar it was until we relocated a family last month ,the guy was a sparky and theres quite a bit of tape to chomp through before your let loose on your own. And of course you have to pay (as with anything australian,lol),you haveto have the tra first then you can apply for a permit to allow you to work under instruction of a trained guy,after x amount of hours you can then apply for a licence.There are different licences for different types of electric work just to make it a little more confusing. Thankfully from experience we have now found a lot of companys to be very understanding and some are willing to take you on & assist you with the whole process. Another interesting fact is the 2 electricians who have stayed with us this last few month have both got jobs after ringing companys blind ,rather than applying to job vacancies (that all seem to state licence required,lol)..
    Cal x
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2008
  4. Where can I start, you have a long and [FONT=&quot]bureaucratic road in front of you, I moved to Perth just over two years ago and after getting my Electrical Mechanic qualification from ATRC, I was told I would have to do a twenty week course, which there was a two year waiting list for, so I ended up joining the WA police whilst waiting, thankfully they have sorted that out now and its just a ten week two nights a week course at TAFE, whilst you are doing that you can still work just not on your own.
    I have now moved to brisbane and set up an Electrical contractors. The queensland energy safety who are the orgnisation that issue electrical licences, seem to be much more organised than there WA conterparts. What you will probably have to do when you get here is get a job with a contractor whilst you apply for your licence, then energy safety will let you know what course they require you to do, usually only a short ten week course at the TAFE. Once the course is complete they will issue you with a workers licence, if you want to set up on your own you will need to do more TAFE courses and or course pay for another licence.
    Don't let this put you its not as bad as it sounds, the lifestyle here is great, you just have to get used to doing there way even if it is completly ridiculous.
    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Hope this helps.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]When are you thinking of coming over?

  5. ozzy81uk

    ozzy81uk Guest

    Jobs in Brisbane

    Thanks for the info,
    Does anyone know if there are actually many jobs in the brisbane area for instrument/electrical/service technicians? Or are most of them fly in fly out jobs?
    My ARTC is Electrical Fitter (Instruments) which means I can only get a restricted license, which I believe I can apply for over the phone in South Australia and then convert to a Queensland license when I arrive.
    I read somewhere that I will need a blue card to work which can also be done online or when I arrive in a couple of days.
    Are there any other procedures or tests etc that I should complete before being able to work?
    Any help appreciated.

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