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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Sparky_in_Briz, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I’m Shawn. I arrived in Brisbane last week and I’m an Electrician. I had a lot of trouble getting employment agencies to put my CV forward for jobs whilst I was in the UK.
    Can someone please give me an insight into the Electrical Licensing and what the different classes of license refer to? The other things I need to know are:
    1. Where do I need to apply to attain these qualifications?
    2. Are there any companies likely to employ me whilst I am studying to get these qualifications?

    My first priority is trying to secure a property to rent in order to be able to provide an address for potential employers and agencies!!
    If anyone can provide any information, it would be gratefully received.
  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya Shawn

    I pinched this from our other website where a guy had e-mailed DEIR with a similar querey , as you will already have the TRA point 1 can be crossed off, it may however give you an insight into who to contact and what you need to do.

    ABN 52 293 849 579
    Workplace Health & Safety Queensland Infoline
    Freecall: 1300 369 915 Phone: 07-32474711

    Dear Mr xxxxx,
    Thank you for your email regarding applying for an Electrical License in Queensland.
    The steps to obtain an electrical licence for overseas trained electricians are as follows:

    You will need to have an Australian Trades Recognition Certificate issued to you from Trades Recognition Australia. You will need to contact this organization to organise this qualification. The website for Trades Recognition Australia is - Trades Recognition Australia. You will need to contact the Melbourne Office about a Domestic Skills Assessment and not the pre-migration assessment.

    Once you have been issued this Certificate you can apply for the Electrical Licence by completing the application form (form 11). This application form is available at:
    The Guidelines attached to this form provided a detailed explanation of the application process and what information is required to be supplied by you.

    If your application is successful you will be issue a permit to attend a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to complete any necessary training required.
    At the completion of your training the RTO will forward a Completion Statement to the Electrical Safety Office. Once this training is complete you can apply for the Electrical Work Licence by completing the application form (form 31).

    If a complete application is received within 6 months of the permit being issued you will not be required to pay the additional application fee.

    Also have a look at this link that will show you the different classes of licence (they dont make anything simple do they? lol)

    Apparently the fastest way to get licenced is get an artc from the tra $300 - FAQ - for Australian residents

    Good Luck
    Cal x
  3. Thanks Cal,
    I'll check all this info out.
    You are a real gem.
    Shawn x

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