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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by MarkinOxford, May 28, 2012.

  1. MarkinOxford

    MarkinOxford Guest

    Hi - we are planning to migrate to Australia later this year - one our big concerns is our Daughter's education. She is doing really well in her school in the UK. We would like the same in Australia. She has just turned 14 - and will be starting year 10 - here in September. She turned 14 in January - we are unsure what year she would join if we come later this year. Can anyone advise on the schools in OZ and what year our daughter would join. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mark

  2. Cal22222

    Cal22222 New Member

    sorry didnt want to look and run, but our children are in primary school we're impressed, there's an education website, but I cant recall what it's called sorry
  3. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    At the moment high school usually runs from year 8 to year 12. Year 8 children are turning 13 so generally turning 14 would be year 9. I think they would be flexible though....specially with a January child as the school year coincides with the calendar year - begin late jan.

    Note that in 2014 Year 7 is moving to high school because the age of year 1 students was changed a few years ago to better line up with other may find a few schools that have already made this move...or have a middle school concept rather than just primary or high school (the norm).

    Just like the UK schools in OZ vary a lot depending on catchment etc. You will find the best of teaching and the worst, just like home. On average Australian children score significantly above the OECD average in independent international testing (see PISA Results) but in the end it will come down to the area you live in and/or the principal at the school....ask the locals for their recommendations.

    You can also use this website for a rough guide from afar:

    This website lists the schools that are catchment controlled:

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