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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by nikki macdonald, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    JUst got results of ielts test got overall score of 7.5 but only scored 6 in the reading :frown:. Anybody else out thee done it. Im hoping to get on the next 1 on the 11th sept Met a load of other girls taking it as well 2 of them also didn't get the required score of 7 they have put a complaint in to the austrailian nursing bored about the band being to high if they get enough complaints re the same thing they will look at it so im told. please let me know if there is anyone else out there having the same trouble we have been told it is the reading part that gets everyone even one of the teachers at liverpool uni told one of the girls that. Im a nurse and im hoping to move to brisbane .nikki x:wink:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Nikki
    Good luck for the next 'round',lol i have heard of a few folks stumbling first time around but all passed with flying colours the next time.

    Cal x
  3. trace1

    trace1 New Member

    I am a midwife hoping to move to Oz early next year...contacted AHPRA recently and have been told that if you can prove that you have studied in english during secondary education then you no longer have to take the IELTS test..there was much confusion about this as I had previously emailed them and they emailed back twice stating that I still had to take the test as I had not studied in Australia..however others on pomsinoz were being told over the phone that they no longer had to sit the test..I then phoned myself and aslo have confirmation by email that as long as I can provide evidence of my education then I no longer have to take the test..hope this helps..not sure if it makes a difference as to which visa you go on..I am going on a 457 so dont need points or anything

  4. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    I found this out only yesterday cant believe it after putting myself through that test x now the hard work begins don't know what to do about visa 457 may try to do it myself and apply for sponseship x nikki
  5. trace1

    trace1 New Member

    Know what you gutted cos I emailed AHPRA twice and they told me I still had to take the test even though others were told they didnt have I booked another one..paid another £108..test is booked for 11th Sept but do you think the college where I booked the test will give me my money back..not a chance..told them things have changed and I no longer need the test but they said they need it for ADMINISTRATIVE costs lol...wouldnt mind but phoned them the same morning that the cheque was taken from the bank...

    I have just put in an Expression of Interest EIO on the Queensland Health website so will sort out job then registration and then visa cos that doesnt normally take too long to come through..let me know how you get on

  6. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Wee you from trace im from st.helens i took my test on 14th august can,t believe that i had my form filled in and cheque writen out ready to post today when i found out yesterday i didn,t need to do it x ive been trying to get application form off website now for registration for nursing board in oz thats the next step before you can get visa but cant find how to do it x my numbe is 07859897030 if you want to get in touch are you on facebook x
  7. trace1

    trace1 New Member

    Hi from Essex near Chelmsford..where you hoping to live in Oz...we were there recently cos I just got married so we were there on our honeymoon...was great...went to Brisbane, the Gold Coast and further up the Sunshine Coast..have you got somewhere lined up to work? cant help with the registration forms cos not tried yet but will have a go and let you know if I manage to print them off..are you registering with AHPRA..

    Trace x
  8. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Hiya trace you are not going to believe this i have had 2 emails this morn from APRHA saying you do have to do the ielts test so if i was you i would i would keep your date for the 11th and my agent isnt returning my calls so thats not a good sign x:frown:
  9. trace1

    trace1 New Member

    Aghhhhhh this is crazy isnt it!!!!! well I have an email stating that I dont have to do it so if they tell me I do when it comes to registering am gonna re-send the email back to them..AM NOT DOIN IT lol lol

    Trace x
  10. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Hiya trace give me a ring it will be quicker to explain they have got back to me now saying i dont have to do it PM me for phone number:laugh:
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, 2010
  11. trace1

    trace1 New Member

    Am on nights at the min so call you soon

  12. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Nikki,

    I have removed your phone number from your posting for your protection, members can PM you if they want the number. You never know who is looking through the forum and may decide to use the phone number..... Hell I could phone you myself and i am wierd :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

    For member information to PM another member "click" on their name and a number of options will show. Just select the one you wish to use.

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