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Discussion in 'Travel & What's on' started by The Bray Family, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I am Tilly a 1 year old labrador. My owners are moving to Brisbane and taking me with them. I see i have to be registered with the local council. Also i see that i can only be off my leash in special parks. I love to swim in the the sea, can i do this here. I do not like being on my lead, i like to have a run and chase my ball. Are there lots of places for me to do this? I am also worried that it will be too hot for me.
    silly tilly dog
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  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    hiya tilly ,you will love it here ,in brisbane there are special beaches fenced just for you and all your other 4 legged friends,it has sand,obsticles loads of things to do,bit like a kids playground without the kids to annoy you,lol
    it can get hot but you just lie on the cool tiles ,if you get really hot ask mum or dad to buy you a cooling jacket they are quite popular over here.It sgood to be registered with the council as if you ever go wandering and forget your way home they know where your house is !!!and take you back ,,no taxi fares!!lol
    hope this helps you a bit ,lots of water ,dont lick cane toads and you will love it!!
    Cal x
  3. fitzyinoz

    fitzyinoz Guest

    Hi Tilly, my name is Telly and I often take my owners to Nudgee Beach for a run and a bit of a swim. It's a brill place to get them to throw my ball for me and it's good to play with the other dogs too. You will love it!!!!
  4. JKESA

    JKESA Guest

    Sea swimming

    My name is Argyle and I'm a Alaskun Mal and the heat hasn't deterred my determination to dig, run and chase possums.

    There is a place down on the gold coast called the Spit. It's not far from Sea World (just past the Hotel where the celebrities stay when they come out for 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here). WEll here I am allowed to swim and run and generally make a fool of myself.

    I wish you well on the flight and in jail(quarantine). My mum and dad got grandma to visit until they arrived from Thailand. They got me in the exercise yards which was great.
  5. linds

    linds New Member

    hi my name is lucy,
    i'm a liver and white springer spaniel. i'm hoping i can come out to oz but i feel i may be too old. gonna be 12 this year..although i have to say a very spritely 12,and in good health.
    i go to stay in a cottage in the lake district regularly and still go on 17 mile walks when i'm there as well as going out and about the west pennie moors. i love nothing better than swimming, running and climbing over the walls and generally sniffing about.
    so i was wondering what are my chances of coming out there with my owners would hate to be left behind and i know my mum would be upset too.
  6. That makes me real sad.............

    My name is Kodiak and i,m five!
    I,m stuck in England with nanny and gramps and my dog mum, dog brother and dog sister. Because my real Mummy and Daddy have moved to Brisbane; and left me. They said they would get me to join them, but they havent yet! I,am 3/4 Husky and 1/4 German Shepherd and I love agility training, and going on runs with my Daddy. I used to go to work with him every day and we had sooo much fun. He would buy me lots of yummy things and play together all the time.
    But now, its all gone; and I miss Mummy and Daddy soo much but its soo expensive to fly over.
    Maybe one day............................

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