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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by ABBEY, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. ABBEY

    ABBEY Guest

    Hi we have 2 daughters one has done her GCSE'S and also 2 years at college,the other is doing her GCSE'S within the next few months.The problem we have is that we have been told that they count for nothing in OZ.The eldest would like to go to UNI and the youngest to college,just need advice on how to go about it.Any reponse would be great.

  2. Rootsyfamily

    Rootsyfamily Guest

    Hi there, am still in England and also facing the same predicament. My son did GCSEs last year and currently doing his first year 6th form. I have been wondering what to do with his education when we move. Did you get any reply to your question yet. cheers
  3. ABBEY

    ABBEY Guest


    No nothing yet but been told that she will have to do year 12 before applying for uni,because they only base going to uni on year 12 qualifications.Don;t know if true still waiting on positve responce.
  4. Hi, I need advise on this aswell. My daughter is currently in full time education at 6th Form College. What is her GCSE's worth in Australia, we're hoping to get there for November, so still in the very early stages. She has her heart set on teaching deaf/hard of hearing children, what stages wil she hve to go through out there x:tongue:
  5. Rootsyfamily

    Rootsyfamily Guest

    Its year 12 that counts towards going to university, unlike the uk were its the AS and A level results that count. My son is already doing year 12 in the UK but when we move to brisbane in December he will start year 12 again in Jan/Feb. I think it will be worthwhile to start talking to schools about your daughter. You can also contact queensland education department. English is a compalsory subject in year 12 australia. Therefore your daughter's choises will be in addition to english. My husband is already living in brisbane. He told me there is an overwhelming need for teachers. I therefore think your daughter will be perfectly fine.

    many thanks.
  6. S.Clarke

    S.Clarke Guest

    I found this thread while researching an unrelated topic and given that I have just gone from Year 12 in Queensland to University of Queensland I thought I might be able to explain a bit about the Queensland education system and hopefully this will give you a bit more information to work with.

    I am not to sure that university entrance qualifications from the UK (AS and A Levels from what I understand)are voided when moving to Australia, admittedly though my knowledge of the ins and outs of the differences between the Queensland and the UK Education systems is not up to scratch.

    This may be a long post, anyway here goes.

    Firstly as I understand it 6th Form is the last 2 years of education in which students do their AS and A levels. This is in many ways similar to years 11 and 12 (last two years) in Queensland, and I would imagine that those starting 6th Form (about 16 Years old or so) would start off in grade 11 here, although this would be something to check with individual schools.

    Students in Queensland are assigned an OP (overall position) between 1(high) and 25(low) based on their last 2 years of school (11&12). Universities then use this as a system to rank new students and determine cut off ranks for courses based on the number of applicants for each course.

    For example law at University of Queensland might have a cut off of OP3 thus a student with an OP4 probably won't get into law at UQ. Law at University of Southern Queensland might be in lower demand, thus it's cut off might be OP6. An OP4 student wouldn't have a problem getting into that.

    After 1 year of university study Universities will disregard OPs and work based upon your University GPA. ie; the student with the OP4 wanting to go to UQ law might study Arts for 1 year and end up with a GPA of 6. After reapplying through QTAC that student will probably get into the Law course as the OP is superseded by GPA.

    Most tertiary admissions are handled by QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre), QTAC have procedures for those coming straight from Australian or New Zealand grade 12, those who have not completed Year 12 in Australia or New Zealand and procedures for International Students.

    In some cases you will be able to apply straight to a University although in most cases they will then direct you to QTAC.

    At present, stats indicate that most immigrants to Australia come from the UK; I would therefore imagine that Schools, QTAC and Australian Universities would have established procedures for giving credit where credit is due for GCSEs, AS-Levels and A-Levels.

    The major requirement of most universities is proficiency in English. I doubt this would be a problem in most cases.

    I hope this has helped some of you.

    S. Clarke

    ps. Sorry for pulling up this old thread

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