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  1. We are a group of couples aged 45+ who like to get together at various restaurants and cafes for dining, wining and chatting, plus meeting new couples aged 45+. Today it was a luncheon at Vietnamese restaurant in the CBD, and upcoming is a night out for an Italian dinner on Brisbane's north side, plus we have a group booking for Sunday lunch and music on the Gold Coast waterfront. Therefore if you two would like to join us for dining out enjoyment at various restaurants and cafes in Brisbane and beyond, we would be delighted! We look forward to hearing from the two of you.
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  2. Stacy_in_Oz

    Stacy_in_Oz Guest

    Hi there....My name is Stacy and my family and I recently moved here from the states. I am 43+ and my husband is over 45 :)...we are interested in meeting others and certainly enjoy a nice evening out with great conversation & wine. Please let me know where you are meeting next. I will also follow the link you provided.
  3. TeenaB

    TeenaB Guest

    Hi there, I'm only 42and my husband is 52 could we join the website (dining couple -45+) or would you prefer the age that you have provided ?
  4. Age just a guideline

    Hi Teena,
    It would be great if you two joined one of our dining tables. The 45+ is simply a guide and our couples are on either side of that age mark... after all, we are all growing younger!!:yes: :laugh:

    Bon appetit,
    Nigel and Christine
  5. Jpatto

    Jpatto Guest

    Hi my husband and I would love to join in our group. We are in our 40's and are in be process of moving over to the Brisbane area now. Hubby is already there working or his sins, I fly I've on Tuesday o hopefully find us a home before making the move permanently next month. If you ave anything organised for the next three weeks please drop us a line. Jane and Leigh xx
  6. Hi Jane and Leigh,

    We have events averaging at least once a fortnight, although last weekend there were two events and the previous weekend there were also another two gatherings . The social calendar is quite active, so there will be something on as soon as you guys are ready (the next scheduled event is for 20 April, although one of the couples may decide to host something sooner.. that often happens).

    This site won't allow us to give you our group's web link for you to contact us, so PM (private message) us by clicking on our profile 'Dining Couple's' and then email us for contact details .....and 'Welcome to Australia!'

    The good news is another UK couple, very similar to you guys read our exchanges tonight and then joined Dining Couples 45+.... and they live very close to us!

    Kind regards,
    Nigel and Christine
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  7. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    If they go to your profile page they PM you from there, if it is any easier you can add email ....

    It is forum etiquette to not advertise other forums ... communities I.e., FB that's why it was changed .... thanks for your co operation ....

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