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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by stuartg, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. stuartg

    stuartg Guest

    My family and I are extremely excited about our relocating from Perth to Brisbane in November. I'm sure we're not the first to make this move and thought to myself that it would be great to know as many of the differences between states as possible so that there's fewer surprises.

    Maybe if enough people contribute to this thread, we could compile a list that might be useful to others that are making the same move.

    I list could contain anything that's useful to know. For example, differences in rates/taxes, water restrictions, laws, rules of driving etc etc. These are the types of things that otherwise you find out the hard way!

    Also, more general differences such as those that I found out myself on a recent recce trip:

    1) Opening times of shops, bars and restaurants much more flexible in QLD than in WA
    2) Way less sandy beaches on the coast of QLD compared to WA
    3) Evenings in QLD much nicer temperature than WA
    4) Climate in QLD less eratic than WA
    5) Less flies in QLD
    6) Roads in QLD way busier, narrower and generally in poorer condition


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    We relocated a family from Perth last year and they said the biggest difference was costs, of everything, from a loaf of bread to a house and a car.They said Brisbane was much cheaper, however prices have risen slightly lately so don't expect bargain basement! lol

    I can't personally compare to WA as i have never been but the highways up here can get busy like you say and the amount of accidents is shocking!! These banana benders sure need to introduce some tougher driving tests,lol.

    Good Luck with everything
    Cal x

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