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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Emms, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Emms

    Emms New Member

    It's me again!

    After deciding I liked the look of Tamborine area I'm having a rethink! I read that the Gold coast is really busy and I'm not sure I like the sound of this area as our nearest beaches (if that makes any sense!) I've started looking at Ningi/Bribie Island/Caboolture/Morayfield, does anyone know these areas? I know that we won't really know what suits until we're out there and see for ourselves but I have to give the agents finding my husband a job an idea of the area we would like to be. Also, it would be great if we could find an area we like and stick to it because I don't want the kids to have to move schools if we decide to stay permanently.

    Ideally we would like to be within an hour ish of Brisbane, under 30 minutes of a quiet ish family friendly beach, have a couple of acres of land and good schools within 20 minutes! I don't want much do I?! Oh and not too expensive an area or we'll only be able to afford a shack when we do buy a place!

    Any ideas gratefully received.


  2. Its Me

    Its Me New Member

    I can remember saying all these things over a year ago........... Unfortunately you can never get everything you want. I live on bribie Island , Caboolture is 25 mins away , there is a train station at Caboolture where you can get into Brisbane in an hour even quicker if you catch the express train....... I WOULD NOT LIVE IN CABOOLTURE IF YOU PAID ME !! But everyone is different and it may be for some . There is a Junior and infant school at Banksia Beach on Brbie Island that has an excellent reputation, my youngest went there and I found no fault, The Principal is very strict but firm and gets what she wants , she takes no crap from anyone. The High school I cant comment on as my kids dont go there. Bribie is a very family friendly area, The beaches are lovely especially if you have a 4x4 and go up the beach where there are a few lagoons that the kids can play in.But the Island is very quiet and after 8 at night its basically dead.......LOL....... Lots of sporting things for kids to do.......not much at all for adults. Unless you intersted in Golf or Bowls or Croquet...There is the Surf club at Woorim which is Ok and then there are the RSL which again is Ok and then there is the Bowls club all of them have a booze bus which if you are a member you can arrange to be picked up and taken home fo free !!! They all serve food which isnt bad at all.... There are also a number of take aways on the Island,pizza, indian, chineses etc ...Im not trying to put you off Im just being honest.
    Ningi area is ok, more of the properties have acerage and its cheaper than Bribie some areas of Ningi better than other.Small shopping area but thats about it.
    Morayfield has all the shops that you need coles, woolworths etc its ok but again I wouldnt live there.
    Hope this helps.

    Claire. xx
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    I think Clair has covered bribie and i cannot add anything to what she has said, The areas just off Bribie island include Ningi, Sandstone point and Godwin beach.

    As Clair said Ningi has some nice property but you need to look around and see what you want or need from the area, Ningi shopping area is not worth a visit really.

    Sandstone Point, is a new estate with some very nice properties but they do not have the land with them that you would find in some areas. There is a shopping area in sandstone point with Supermarket, newsagent, bakers/cafe, fish & chip shop, hairdressers and a couple of others that i can't remember. But the main shopping area on Bribie Island is only 10 min away.

    Godwin Beach, is a quiet area made up of about 6 streets, the beach is actually mudflats and Mangroves, so its not really a swimming beach, but ideal for fishing and crabbing. there is not a lot for kids to do at Sandstone point or Godwin beach and if I had kids I would prefere Bribie Island.

    I must admit that I like to go to Bribie (10 min drive) and have a coffee and eat my fish & chips looking out to sea, all I need is a knotted hankie on my head and you would think I was in UK.
  4. Emms

    Emms New Member

    Thanks for the replies. Bribie does sound nice but I have a 13 year old girl and 11 year old boy as well as a 4 year old so may be a bit quiet for them? Although it does appeal if there are no nightclubs that they might want to start going to as they get older!! Where do your kids go to school now Claire? And how old are they if you don't mind me asking? (Very nosey aren't I!)

    If anyone has any other suggestions of nice areas..... I don't want to live in a town and don't mind if I'm not near too many shops. We currently live in a small hamlet in Devon with no shops, pubs or restaurants so I'm used to a drive and the kids are used to being in quite a quiet area. It would just be nice to be within a reasonable distance of a more lively place. It takes us at least four hours to get to London and nothing happens in Devon, ever!! Is there anywhere thats a bit nearer Brisbane maybe that you might get a bit of land and is still quiet, we have two dogs so need a bit of space.

    It's very difficult when you just look on Google maps for somewhere because it can look lovely on the map but turn out to be a complete dive! I'm sure you have all been through this!

    It's such a big thing to do, moving to the other side of the world and I must admit I am getting a bit of anxiety about it at the moment!

    Anyway thank you so much for the help you all give, it is invaluable!

    Emma x
  5. Its Me

    Its Me New Member

    I have 2 boys , one whos coming up 16 in a couple of months and the other is 12, They are really happy here on the island ,plenty to keep them entertained, They are both sporty so lots for them to do, I dont mean to put you off of Bribie, its a lovely place, but there is just something lacking and I just cant put my finger on it !!
    My kids go to Grace Lutheran School in Rothwell its a private school. We had no intentions to send them to a private school , but because we were told that Bribie high didnt have a good reputation thats where they ended up. I must admit I have other friends that go to Bribie High and they say its ok......Hindsight is a funny thing eh!
    Other areas you could look at is Burpengary, Narangba,these both have houses on acreage.....
    Dont worrie about all the anxiety its all normal..........LOL

    Claire. xx
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Emma
    I think someone as told you a few muddled up things,lol
    Yes the Gold Coast is one of the biggest tourist spots in QLD,, however not many people who live here and have access to the GC use the central gold coast as it is full of tourists. We personally go south for the beaches and beach fishing near Kirra, Coollangatta,currumbin,etc hardly a tourist in site, beaches lovely and clean,long and open and not packed out with holiday makers. Prices arent raised for tourists in restaurants and cafes, its like a different world to Surfers and its surronds.
    If you fancy hiring a boat you can go north Gold Coast near Jacobs well, we sometimes do this and in a day you might come across a dozen familys if that,lol.
    For a canoe you go south towards Tugun and can hire one and paddle up the creeks, there is loadsss to do on the coast whilst avoiding the tourist areas.

    The centre of the gold coast around Surfers is like a posh Blackpool, it is were the tourists head, mainly high rise buildings and traffic chaos , most people who dont live here visit that bit and come up with a conclusion based on that. The majority of the Gold Coast is nothing like Surfers Paradise.

    You really need to see it to understand what i mean, but im sure when you do you will get where im coming from.

    Cal x
  7. Emms

    Emms New Member

    Thank you both for that. Is Rothwell a long way to have to go to school? I thought that Grace Lutheran looked a nice school, this is why I looked at Caboolture, although I thought it was also based there as well as Rothwell? I'm so confused! I did think that when I looked at the Bribie Island area that it was quite limited for schools. I expect we will go for a private school (as long as it's not too expensive!) unless we live near a state school with a great reputation, it's a big decision isn't it. Your information on Biribie is very useful, thanks Claire.

    That's really interesting what you say Cal about the beaches near to you. I love the look of the area where you live but I was worried about the busy beaches, Blackpool is definately not my scene!! How long does it take to get to the nice beaches? Are there good schools near by?

    Of course this does all depend on where my hubby can get a job, they said that most places are an option except the Gold Coast but I'm not sure if they just meant the coast or further in so we'll have to wait and see! I'm just going to give them a list of places that I think we might like (as soon as I come up with one!) and see what they come up with.

    Thank you for all your help and hope I'm not driving you too mad!!

    Emma x
  8. Its Me

    Its Me New Member

    Hi Again
    It takes my boys about 50 mins to get to school, the school provides a school bus , but it comes at a price (TYPICAL)! You are right when you say about a Grace school at Caboolture but it had only just opened when we arrived and there wasnt a Yr10 there so that is why we ended up at Rothwell, My boys say that it is better than the one at caboolture as it has more facilities.
    As for how much it cost,per child we roughly pay around $6000 a year,thats including books and uniform and Bus.......this is a rough guide only...

    Claire. xx
  9. Emms

    Emms New Member

    Thank you, again!! You are being very helpful. I expect that you will hide from me if I actually make it out there!!

    Emma xx
  10. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Emms

    Gary surfs quite alot down there and it takes about an hour and 15 to our preffered beaches (coollangatta/kirra/currumbin) ,its worth the extra 20 minutes than just going to surfers.Its like a totally different world down there. Its becoming quite popular too and lots of familys are settling a few mins inland around Tallabudgerra and Bonogin.

    Schools around here ,ok, theres a choice of public and private
    Public you have Flagstone state primary, Jimboomba state primary, greenbank state primary
    High schools public are Flagstone College, Beaudesert High, Park ridge High

    Private you have Hills Internatinol and Emmaus, both do prep to Yr12. Some kids around here also go to Cantebury College as it has a good reputation but its about a 20 min drive.

    Cal x
  11. Its Me

    Its Me New Member

    Hey No worries !!
    If I can help I will, just let me know when ya coming and Ill hide.........:rofl:

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