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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by missymew82, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. missymew82

    missymew82 Guest

    Hi There,

    I am currently on a 457 Employer sponsored visa. I have been in Australia for four years, and my 457 was recently renewed for another four years.

    However, my partner and I have just moved in together after being together for 12mths (He is Australian). I would like to get my permanent residency, and have been advised by a colleague that applying for a partner visa or something like that is an option??

    Can someone please advise if this is a simpler process and if going from a 457 to a partner visa is a difficult process?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks :)

  2. Loopylu

    Loopylu Guest

    Hi Missymew

    I recently converted from a 457 to a partner visa. Although my husband and kids are Australian, I entered Australia on a 457 as my employers wanted me to start asap and it was a much quicker process than getting a partner visa. The reason I applied for a partner visa is that you have move flexibility about where you work (!), become entitled to full Medicare and other welfare benefits etc. The downside of applying for a partner visa is the cost (approx $3000) and the serious invasion of your privacy when you have to provide evidence of your relationship! The visa also takes a long time to come through. Mine took over 11 months and I only got it then because my hubby contacted the local MP who kicked arse at DIAC! The average wait if you apply in Brisbane is currently 14 months! As you have only been together for 12 mths you would only qualify at present to apply for a temporary partner visa which (if you are still together after 2 years from when you applied for the visa) is then upgraded to a PR partner visa. In my case, I could apply for PR straight up because I had been married to my Aussie for donkey's years and we also had kids together. My advice to you would be, if you think that your 457 job is safe (bearing in mind current economic climate in Qld), to wait until you can apply for a PR partner visa straight off. The waiting period is published on the DIAC website. This way, you are not at the mercy of your partner ending the relationship and leaving you high and dry while on a temp partner visa when you could be required to leave the country. Sounds cynical I know but you never know what life will chuck at you!

    Have you considered asking your current employers to sponsor your application for PR. This way, you might be able to get them to pay for the PR visa and it is also a much, much quicker process.

    Hope you find this information useful.


  3. snwbnnyinoz

    snwbnnyinoz New Member

    Wow what a long wait time. I just got my Partner Migrant Subclass 100 visa and it took 3 months from submitting the application to it being approved and issued.
    Sure glad it didn't take 14 months to wait for my visa.


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