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  1. :eek:What exactly is the most annouying insect/bug/creepy crawlies you can encounter in the Queensland state. Love frogs so thats not a problem..There's so many conflicting pages about what you can and can't touch. I love gardening, what will I have to be careful with. Thanks x:mad::laugh:

  2. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Mosquitos and flies!! AARRGGGHHH! Especially when you are sitting outside eating!! lol

    in my garden have seen frogs, lorikeets, parakeets, skinks, many a possum!!! I know when they are about as the dog chases them!!! Geckos,
  3. Hello Joanne & Mark,
    Thanks for replying. Going to be great fun !!! SO you;'ve never come across anything really dangerous ? We're bringing our Jack Russell with us, sounds like he's going to have a fine time in the garden...Is there anything we have to be particularly careful about all joking aside x
  4. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    best thing to do is get a creepy crawlie book, that way u can identify what it is and whether or not it is dangerous!
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    For the dog you need to regually cheack for paralyis ticks ,a quick trip to the vets on arrival which teach you all you need to know.
    Dogs are pretty clever and seem to know to avoid the likes of cane toads, snakes etc.
    Cal x

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