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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by wondering aloud, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. wondering aloud

    wondering aloud New Member

    Hi all,

    Have been researching cost of living today in preparation for our move to Brisbane in march nest year.
    Am I right in thinking that if you are renting it is the landlord who pays council tax and water bills?

    Any idea on how much we will need to bring with us to support us for the first month in oz before I start work? We are 24 and 26, with no kiddiwinks, looking to rent though not too sure where yet. Am trying to budget for about $300 pw. I have a job offer though my husband will have to look for work when we are there so my salary will have to support us for a few months (or maybe longer). Am thinking we may be a bit tight :-( but hoping it will be worth it!

    Also on my contract, it states that I am required to purchase a return flight ticket in the event my that they terminate my employment. Has anyone heard about this? I was hoping we could just buy a one way ticket! And can't find anything about open ended tickets!?

    Cheers guys,


  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi sam.

    Rentals in QLD... The landlord pays the rates ( Council tax) , normally they either pay all the water bills or some will pay for reasonable water use and you may be charged for using any excess water.
    If you are staying in a furnished rental then its best to check what you rent covers, some include the electricity as well. Most people rent holiday accommodation for the first month while they sort out a more permanent rental.

    The cost of rentals does depend on where you rent and what you want in your rental. Costs can vary from $200 a week for a small out of town place up to $500 a week.

    Sorry I cannot help you with the visa and return ticket questions, but I hope someone will be able to offer advice on this for you.

    I would suggest you bring more money with you than you think you will need, your first few weeks will be expensive while you find the best places to shop and its amazing how much money you can get through whilst you are settling in.
  3. ShillnBob

    ShillnBob Guest

    Hi Sam

    We've been over here for about 4 months now - and found the first few weeks in particular frighteningly expensive!! We read constantly about how the cost of living is lower here, but generally find that prices tend to be higher than in the UK, particularly for accommodation - and particularly when you keep converting everything back to sterling!

    Re the return flight - others might correct me on this - but I would have thought that it's a clause that would be in your visa rather than your employment contract unless you have an employer sponsored visa? If it is employer sponsored, as I understand it they 'take responsibility' for you so may have some liability if the job doesn't work out and you decide to stay here anyway. I'm not an expert though!

    Flexible flight tickets should be available, but can be very expensive. Probably obvious, but best to check with a travel agent.

    Good luck!
  4. lynne1266

    lynne1266 New Member

    Not sure if you have to have a return flight, I know a few people who have moved out there on 457 and only got One Way ticket.
    If you were to buy a return ticket it is only valid for that return date and most fares are non change fares unless you pay twice the price !!


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