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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by questions-to-ask123, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Hello again,

    I am just wondering if anyone knows how much the flights would cost for 5 people to get from England to Australia- Queensland- Brisbane. Thankyou :biggrin: x

  2. wondering aloud

    wondering aloud New Member

    Have a look on a flight comparison website, or more specifically the airline you would prefer to fly with. Cost depends on the time of year as well.
  3. Thankyou very much for your feedback, I shall take notes of this!

    questions-to-ask123 x :)
  4. gazaharg

    gazaharg Guest

    If you are emigrating AND have a valid Vias - NOT A 457 then I would suggest that you TELEPHONE Singapore airlines and discuss "One way Migration tickets" which have a 40Kg baggage allowance. This isnt generally advertised. Some Travel agents arent even aware of it.
    Believe me you can soon fill 40Kg. It isnt the cheapest flight but with the added baggage allowance it does allow you to arrive with more of the essential possessions for setting up your life.

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