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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by steve'n lisa, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. steve'n lisa

    steve'n lisa Guest

    Hello all,
    this is our first post. We are just setting out on the emigration process and making some initial decisions. Does anyone know the approximate cost of shipping a car to Bris? The cost of second hand cars seems very expensive. Would it be worthwhile shipping mine from the UK?
    Please advise.
    :rofl: Steve'n lisa
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  2. lynne

    lynne Guest

    Hi Steve and Liz,

    The Aus do not encourage people to ship cars. So its expensive, time consuming and lots to do before you get it on the road in Aus. If you have a classic car than it would be worth bringing it over otherwise buy one here.

    My friend payed 4,000 to get his car across to Adelaide 2 years ago. They work out the price of the car add VAT, transport over than it has to be inspected and deep clean (if it was not deep cleaned in UK). Than you have to pay for the plates to be changed. Also it has to be inspected before it goes on the road in Aus (they are very slow in booking the cars for inspection).

    So you can buy a second hand car in Aus without any yearly MOTs. Yet a car from England needs inspecting prior to it going on the road.
  3. Mark_C

    Mark_C Guest

    It really depends on what car/bike you have, I brought 5 with me, and made enough profit selling one of mine here to pay for shipping the other 4.

    Everyone will try and scare you off, but most of them have never brought cars over.

    if you want to know the nitty gritty I would need to know what it is you want to bring, and I can tell you what costs to expect, send me a PM if you want, but I will be away for a couple of days (in my cheap personally imported car LOL) so reply may be slow.
  4. steve'n lisa

    steve'n lisa Guest

    Thanks Mark,
    Its a big exec saloon, the fact that doing some quick research on aus web sites, the same car seems to be about 6-8k (GBP) more expensive than here. I would think that shipping wouldn't cost that much. The price of the motorbikes appear, at first glance to be about the same.
    Any info would be appreciated.
  5. steve'n lisa

    steve'n lisa Guest

    Thanks Lynne, I will need to look further into it and get a quote I suppose.

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