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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by john&kayj, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. john&kayj

    john&kayj Guest

    hello all, could anyone tell me if if things are picking up in construction .i,m waiting for my 176 visa & ive been in business here for 22years here in northumbereland UK, & its the worst i,ve ever seen ! thanks ,john (plasterer/builder)43,kay,41,luke15,fay9 .

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Colin is right the SE QLD growth corridor is still moving and more development estates have recently been given the go ahead so should secure work for lots of tradies over the next few years.
    Anywhere from Ipswich, down through Springfield Lakes and Jimboomba / Logan Village towards the Gold Coast is where most tradesmen i know are still securing work.

    Cal x
  4. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Hi John,

    I had a small works construction company in glasgow before moving over i am a Joiner and have been a project manager for about 10 years my advice is get a license from BSA before coming over its all a bit different here the plasteres erect the partitions and fit the plasterboard then skim or tape it.
    Dont expect any favours from the locals no license no ABN no job no kidding its very expencive to keep your family and jump though the numerous hoops before you can start earning so get your license.
    Hope it all works for you bud im jumping through all the hoops just now and ive been here for over 6 weeks.
  5. jul_ian

    jul_ian Guest

    Hi Joe
    Does the BSA licence apply to wall/floor tilers as well? My hubby's a tiler (has been for 30 odd years) and has his own business in the UK. We're looking at coming over to the Gold Coast area and we were wondering what work is like. Although he's always worked for himself, he wouldn't mind working for someone else when we move. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. john&kayj

    john&kayj Guest

    thanks joe, let me no how you get on once you settle in & which part you are ! john
  7. Joe

    Joe Guest

    No worries mate

    We have found a house in Bray Park Northern suburbs our kids go to Strathpine primmary and we have friends who moved here a decade ago.


  8. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Dont know but worth checking out on the bsa website

  9. clan mac

    clan mac New Member

    Hi Joe,

    My hubby is the same background as you, he is a joiner to trade who was working as a project manager for about 7 years until his redundancy 15 months ago. He got work again as a site manager but the work dried up after 6 months and he is now working as a facilities manager (which he hates! but we have bills to pay!). Sorry to rabble on, but he does not have a degree in project management so he is sitting his practical test via vetassess in August for carpentry (this is our only visa pathway to Oz). Are you working as a joiner or project manager please? Can you get one of these licenses from the UK? Sincere thanks in advance, I just thought that picking your brain seemed a good idea given the similarities between yours and my OH's backgrounds.

    clan mac x
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2010
  10. Joe

    Joe Guest

    None of that counts over here !!!!!!!!!!
    Hi Clan Mac,
    Sorry its taken me so long getting back to you, I've been busy jumping through government hoops and im just at the start.
    All uk granted certificates and work experience counts for nothing until you pay an assesor to grant you with a relevant ozzy qualification, i am going through it with TAFE R.P.L. as above link.
    I will probably need my trade cert III here, then supervisor cert IV, then open builder cert V all with expencive costs.
    Please take my advice and do as much as you can from the UK it is soul destroying having to start as a 15 year old apprentice at the age of 37 in a new country without any means of providing for your family.
    I only wish some one passed this info on to me when i was in Scotland.
    Wish you all the best and it will be worth the effort.

    Cheers Joe
  11. clan mac

    clan mac New Member

    Sincere and grateful thanks Joe,

    Ideally Ian would like to work as a site manager at least when we get to Oz (if that ever happens under the new rules-ever-a-changing-by-the-minute-Evanesque-style of government!!!!) but to be honest we are desperate to get there so we need to just suck up whatever we are asked to do. I will check out the link you sent tomorrow as we are off to see toy story 3 with the kids tonight. I may need to pick your brains further so I'll apologise in advance.

    cheers and good luck with everything

    Lorraine and Ian aka clan mac x
  12. Joe

    Joe Guest

    No Worries

    No worries Lorraine,

    Remember you need a license for a Site Managers position.
    Enjoy toy story 3, ill take the boys when i get a chance.
    Happy to help.

    Joe :wink:
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 28, 2010

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