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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by Hugster&co, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Hi, can anyone say what the journey by train is like from say Oxley or Murarrie/ Hemmant (?) south of Brisbane?
    Approx price? and time ? to the centre.

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  2. godders

    godders Guest

  3. Ausinfo

    Ausinfo Guest

    Some example travel times:

    Oxley (Station) 7:29am - Brisbane Central (Platform 6) 7:59am
    Oxley (Station) 7:43am - Brisbane Central (Platform 6) 8:06am
    Oxley (Station) 7:50am - Brisbane Central (Platform 6) 8:13am
    Oxley (Station) 7:54am - Brisbane Central (Platform 6) 8:20am

    Single Adult Fare: $3.20
    Adult Weekly $25.60
    Adult Monthly $102.40
  4. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    I live in the western suburbs in Sinnamon Park and on a rocket bus in to the city, we can do home to the CBD in 20 mins! OH a bus driver if you want to know anything!
  5. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Thank you everyone.
    As we aren't actually set on one particular place yet- is there a known 'jam up' area ? (any hot spots at peak time)
    Thanks again , the info you have given is great.
  6. godders

    godders Guest

    Lots of JAM UP areas....M1 between Springwood to Holland Park anywhere from 7am to 9am and southbound between 3.30 seems to be getting earlier... Avoid the Ipwich Motorway for your commute if at all is crap.
  7. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Also Mogill Road (Indooroopilly), Milton Road, Centenary rush hour most places have queues! However once you have been here a while you get to know the "back chats!"
  8. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    I will get investigating which areas these roads / motorways are in. Looks like we may be heading for the Sunny Bank Hills / Coopers Plain sort of area, as I have seen some nice rentals online.
    Thanks again.
    (My OH flys out 12 June so I am depending on him to find the best place before I head out with the kids - I have to wait for the house sale.:rofl:)
  9. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Good luck ,lol, have you given him lots of instructions on what you want and dont want,lol,god help me if id have left that job up to hubby ,keep us all informed where you end up,,
    Cal x
  10. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Cheers for the best wishes! :smile:
    We have just sold the house (again) if this all goes through myself and the girls should be traveling by the end of June.
    Things are hotting up now!
    My OH has got cold feet about choosing the long term rental, so we are now looking at a holiday rental (4 wks or so) What a nightmare that is prooving to be, I have checked loads of sights and no luck for such short notice.:eek:
    Here I go off to read more threads to see if anything else crops up to help with that.
    I'll keep u updated, nice of you to care.
  11. karenproctor

    karenproctor Guest

    Hi Mark & Jo

    Just picked up on your note saying you are a bus driver. We have seen a house we like in Brookfield (although we haven't done any research on the area yet) Wondering what the bus commute would be like from there to the city? Translink website says just under an hour direct but would this be true with the peak hour traffic? Are there bus lanes on that route?

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