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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by simpha, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. simpha

    simpha Guest

    Hello All,
    As with many Brits, looking to make the move, the main worry (for me) is the cost of living, can i afford it..
    Can anyone please advise on a what is a Comfortable Salary. Could a family of 4 live on and actually save some money each month on a Aus $65k salary?
    any / all feedback woudl be great.

    Thank you
  2. Cerberus1

    Cerberus1 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Simon, Welcome to the forum. Difficult to answer as there's so many variables - The size of expected monthly mortgage repayments (or rent) (the 'average' mortgage is around $290,000 which equates to around $2000pm repayment), if you'd be running 1 car or 2 etc, if children would be in childcare, public or private school, along with ancillary things such as mobiles, satellite, broadband etc. At the end of the day, if you want to come to Australia enough and you're prepared to be disciplined with finances then, I'm sure $65k salary would be fine. What type of visa you'd be on would also come into the equation as there may be more costs involved on a temporary visa and less assistance available when compared to a permanent visa.
  3. simpha

    simpha Guest

    Hi Cerberus1,
    Thank you for your input, your point about the type of Visa will play a part, as I will only be able to have one job.... As I am being sponsored, is will be a 457 visa.....beggers can't be chooser's.
    I am anticipating state schools for my two, one car, Rent upto $450pw, till I get an RP should I be granted one... Till then I assume wouldn't be allowed a mortgage...
    I am more than willing to make sacraficies, to get us over, I just don't want to end up the other side of the world and not be able to afford it, and have to come back to this hole.

    Thanks again
  4. fmck

    fmck Guest

    I wish you all the best with the move Simon. It would be a good idea to get the PR as soon as possible (I'm sure you know that though). I was going to go down on a 457 visa, but my company said that they would prefer a 121. I was willing to take the 457 for speed, but now that my arm was twisted, I'm glad they went that route.

    My wife is wanting to go back to work when we get there so that will help with the finances. It will also give her an opportunity to make new friends. Maybe if your wife got a job it would help things along. To be honest, I want my wife out to work regardless of the finances. It's better than sitting at home on her own when I'm at work. She told me that a little supermarket job would do just to socialise.

    I am considering Nambour because I don't have to live in expensive cities with my job. My work involves my travelling to jobs, so why live in the city? Nambour is also not far from the Sunshine Coast. I'll be struggling for a while until I recover from the initial cost of everything and get on my feet. I do feel that it will be worth it though.

    You can save money by doing little things. Get a 'pay as you go' internet dongle and PAYG phone. Shop at farmers markets instead of supermarkets (the quality would probably be better). In the UK everytime you take the kids out it costs a fortune. There are great beaches and parks to spend family time in the sunshine.

    I reckon that inflation in the UK is going to get worse. Australia may not seem so expensive in a couple of years. I also think that you would be giving your children a great opportunity.

    Anyway, best of luck.
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