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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by Kym, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Kym

    Kym New Member

    Hi there, I need some advice. Well a lot truth be told.
    My family are looking at a move to QLD soon due to my partners work.
    We're in Western Australia and have never been to QLD so we're in the dark.
    His work will be in pinkenbah, Brisbane. We don't want to live in the city at all so a town close by is what we want. With a commute of half an hr or so. Is that possible? We live in a country town now and it's what we love. We have a few acres and ideally would like that again.
    Our daughter is 14 and a straight A student at a private school. The thought of pulling her out of her school is breaking my heart as she's doing so well. But things sometimes have to be done. My point is we need her to go to a school on an even par, who'll offer her the same opportunities, etc.
    would anyone be able to help me with suggestions or advice? Thank you in advance.

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