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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by donghonamdep, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. donghonamdep

    donghonamdep New Member

    Citizen Eco good for life

    There is perhaps no greater disservice that can be done to a perfectly capable watch, than to force it to live a life of sad monotony as it ticks and hums away sheltered beneath the safety of a shirt cuff. After all, we see it year after year – brands bragging about absurd water-resistance specs, blast-proof materials, and enough shock resistance to survive an unrestricted climb in an F-16. Really, if you're tuned into watch marketing, you've seen it all. So why is it that so many collectors start experiencing symptoms like nausea and chest pain the moment their shiny new toys get dinged for the first time? Now, unless we're talking about something like the Breguet


    We all know that the most solid choice for a rugged watch is usually a diver and there are plenty to choose from these days. Seiko have been pioneering dive watch technologies since the 1960s and in many ways, the Citizen Prospex Kinetic GMT SUN023 is the culmination of several Seiko innovations. With a beefy shrouded case, care-free Kinetic movement, true GMT functionality, and the kind of lume that keeps you up at night, I find this to be the perfect active travel companion. I wouldn't think twice about knocking this thing around and the black shroud protecting the case makes this one of the coolest iterations within Seiko's "Tuna" family of watche


    Introduced in 1985, the original Aqualand was the first watch with a built-in digital depth meter. Since then, Citizen has gone on to release several different versions and reissues like this . CITIZEN PROMASTER AQUALAND DEPTH METER BN2029-01E

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