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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by Luca, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Luca

    Luca Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    We are being transfered to Brisbane from Sydney in July. We have a relocations officer to help us with the move, however I just wanted to get some "inside info" in regards to the above schools. My husband works at the airport and I'll be working at West End.

    Do they schools have good repuatations? Good Morale? Are they both academic whilst also sporty?

    We are looking at moving to Carindale or the surrounding suburbs, so Citipointe would be very convenient however if we get into Ormiston would move closer to there. We have only just found out we are moving so havent put him on any waitlists or anything so I am not sure we would even get a spot.

    My son turns 4 at the end of April, so from my understanding he will need to start Prep next year. My concern is that we were going to hold him back here (as most parents do) so he wouldnt start school until 2015 in Sydney. I am sure he will be fine, but I just worry that if we ever moved back to Sydney he would be one of the youngest in his year. Does anyone know what the policy is for holding kids back? He is quite a bright little boy (he can count to 100 and he can read some words) so its purely just a precaution should be move back to Sydney.

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks :)

  2. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    Hi Luca

    Both schools seem to have a good reputation. I know a number of girls who have attended Ormiston College. I don't know of anyone who has attended the COC school however, i know its location and we have been to the church before. It seems very well organised. There are a number of other private schools around Brisbane which could also suit what you are looking for. I am an old Brisbane State High School girl and we played within the private sector. All schools focus on both academic achievements and also sporting culture although i must admit I always loved the sporting culture my school had to offer and because we played against a number of private schools i saw a lot of this within those schools as well.

    This website could assist you with seeking the ranking of schools around QLD . We are currently in the process of looking for private schools near us (Holland Park which is about 5-10 mins from Carindale) however our daughter doesn't start till 2015.

    You should also really consider what lifestyle you would like. This should also assist you in determining if you want to be out in Ormiston or at Carindale.

    Hope this helps.
  3. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Hi Luca, no idea if this would bother you but Citipointe doesn't adhere to all academic science picks and students are told evolution isn't true etc... obviously you may prefer it that way but as it is important to me I thought I would let you know in case you don't agree with science teaching based on religion.
  4. Luca

    Luca Guest

    Oh thank you so much. It is so hard deciding on schools when you dont live in the city.

    Is Carindale a nice area for families?

    I am a bit hesitant about Citipointe because of just how religious it is. I dont mind religion in schools, but it seems to be VERY heavy. On the application form it asks "Has your student received Christ as saviour".

    The reason we were looking into Citipointe is because ideally we would prefer to live in Carindale and it is really close. Do you guys know of any other great schools in the Carindale area?

    I have heard good things about Sheldon College as well, but the fees are about $3000 a term once you add in all the extras plus from my understanding it is a 30 min drive away.
  5. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    Do you have a strong desire to send them to a private school?

    Mansfield High School has a great reputation and is located near Carindale. If your looking for a primary school Belmont State School is a good school with a good reputation. These are states schools in the area. If you are interested Brisbane State High School which is not a private school but considered a private school without the fees and has an excellent reputation could be an interest. Its about 30 minutes drive towards the city.

    Another private school which is co-ed and could be of interest is Clairvo located at Mount Gravatt (about a 10 min drive). there are lots of private primary schools located around the surrounding suburbs of Carindale and there are also girls only and boys only schools around Carina and Cooparoo which could be of interest (about 10 minutes from Carindale).

    Carindale is a great suburb. My parents live there and i grew up in that suburb. Its a family suburb.

    Hope this helps
  6. Luca

    Luca Guest

    Thanks for that great info.

    I am not dead set on private schools, I just dont know anything about the public schools, so thought it was safer to go private.

    My husband was in Brisbane today and said some of the guys suggested living in the "Bay Area", like Cleveland, Ormiston ect as its similar to where we are living now. Do they have any good public schools out there? Is that a nice area?

    I am just worried its out in the sticks, with no shops or anything?
  7. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    Hi Luca....this website is a good reference for private schools and could be very useful to you you can also check school rankings at and for public schools

    Cleveland has a whole shopping precinct in Bloomfield Street which is the CBD of Cleveland. Plenty of shops and coffee shops there.

    Other nice areas in the 'Bayside' area are Wynnum (one of my personal favourites) and Wellington Point. There is a light house area at cleveland we visit a lot, it has a small playground and our daughter loves racing me down the slippery slide there. Wynnum is great, lots of parks and walkways and coffee shop strip shops and swimming area. Cleveland and Wynnum both offer markets on a saturday morning. Wellington point has an area at the point where you can go swimming and if the tide is out you can walk to the neighbouring island and further up the road there is a strip shopping area with cafes etc. They each have their beauty. Thornlands could also be of interest. there are a number of Brits living at Thornlands, Cleveland and Wynnum. Can't blame them, they are really lovely lifestyle areas.
  8. Luca

    Luca Guest

    So I think we have pretty much decided on Carindale and the surrounding suburbs.
    From research the "bay area" does not seem good investement wise when buying property, Carindale area seems a lot more stable. Do you guys find this to be true?
    Can you guys list some private schools in this area that have good reputations? I heard that Cannon Hill Anglican College used to be good but is sliding downwards.
    Thanks in advance.
  9. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member


    Carindale is a bit of a prestige area and will always hold its value well it has a major shopping centre and yhe area was estsblished in the 80's . Are u looking for coed or same sex schools? Happy to help. Also what r the ages of ur children? Tarsi
  10. Luca

    Luca Guest

    Hi Tarsi,

    My kids are only 3 & 1. My son is due to start Prep next year as he turns 5 at the end of April next year.
    As mentioned we were considering holding him back until 2015, as this is when he would start in NSW. However from the research I have done, Prep in Qld is like Pre-School in NSW and Year 1 in Qld is like Kindergarten in NSW, so it all works out fine should we come back.

    We definantely want a co-ed school. It doesn't have to be in Carindale, but not too far away if possible.

    Are any of the surrounding suburbs of Carindale nice? Just wondering in case we can't find a house in Carindale.

    Thanks again for your help,

  11. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    Hi Luca

    Your kids are about the same age as mine. Our daughter starts prep in 2015. Since your kids are young you would be looking at primary schools so most of those are co-ed. A public school which has a good reputation at Carindale is Belmont State Primary School. For our kids however, we live at Holland Park, its a nice family area near Carindale. We are considering for our kids .... Holland Park State Primary School and Marshall Road State Primary Schools. Both these schools have good reputations. We are also considering private schools such as St Elizabeth's at Tarragindi, St Agnes at Mount Gravatt, St Itas at Dutton Park and St James at Coorparoo. If you stayed at Carindale there private schools at Carina which are again are near carindale or you could consider St Agnes yourself or even St James they are not too far. Tarragindi also isn't too far and another very lovely family area. This area also has wellers hill primary school its got a great reputation but for us we wanted a smaller school, its a big school (doesn't look like it from outside).

    There are numerous suburbs around Carindale which are lovely, Carindale is a much newer suburb then a lot of the surrounding areas however, they are all just as nice. It would depend on your budget, your criteria i.e. lifestyle etc and where you or hubby are working.

    Anyways have a look at the above schools i have mentioned. If you need any more information don't hesitate to ask.

  12. Luca

    Luca Guest

    I cannot thank you enough for all your help Tarsi, you are making my life so much easier.

    I really like the look of St Itas. Which school would you go for out of Citipointe or St Itas if you were living in Carindale? St Itas is a lot smaller than Citipointe, but I am not sure what it is like for sport, languages ect.

    Thanks again.
  13. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    Look personally for us its which ever out of the schools mentioned we can get into as we r not in any of the catchments. Personally I am not interested in citipoint not because I dont beleive but just not a school we are interested in. All those schools I have supplied u with are of excellent reputation and all u will need to drive from carindale to get too.

    You are welcome to contact me as I am at the same atage of life with my kids and I love and breath brisbane.

    Good luck with ur move. Tarsi
  14. Emily De

    Emily De New Member


    Hi Luca,

    I know this post was a few years ago now, but I'm wondering whether you moved to carindale and what school you chose?

    We have moved from Melbourne to the north side, but I'm really liking carindale and trying to find more information out about it. I have a 5 year old and two year old. Thank you

    Regards emily
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  15. seanlin73

    seanlin73 New Member

  16. glaudie

    glaudie New Member

    hi Emily, did you get any further information on your last post of august? i only saw it now and it is close to school starting, but i am a citipointe parent if you still need help/opinions
  17. sjgirl20

    sjgirl20 New Member

    Hi Glaudie,
    I'd love to hear about citipointe.
    Our daughter will be entering prep in 2019. Out family isn't overall religion however we want to instil good value, education access to sport and drama with a dedication to students behaviour and accountability.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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