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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Australiadog, May 30, 2009.

  1. Australiadog

    Australiadog Guest

    Hi everyone!

    Hope somebody can help me!

    I've been assessed by the AASW not to be eligible as a SW in Oz but as a Welfare Worker by their association.

    I just wanted to seek others views on the demand for such work in the Queensland area. I'm currently looking at the sponsored state visa and it's between SA or Queensland.

    Would be good to hear any views really about anything!


    Julie :wub:
  2. Naomi

    Naomi Guest

    Im off to do a diploma in Community Welfare Worker on the Sunshine Coast in July. The course is 2 years and i would love to do a Degree in Human services after but cant afford it. Im looking for part time work in Welfare work. I think you should have enough on the points system if you have been in that line of work
    Good Luck with everything
  3. Australiadog

    Australiadog Guest

    Hi Naomi
    Thanks for replying. Things have moved on a little since my original posting. I managed to get sponsorship by SA and my visa app is all in so the long wait starts. I'm prob going to apply for a temp sponsorship visa in the meantime which will widen the geographical area as the suggested wait for a visa is quite long. Will have to see how the pennies grow as it all costs! I hope your study goes well and you enjoy it.

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