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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by Claire & Ryan, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Claire & Ryan

    Claire & Ryan New Member

    Hi All

    Wondering if anyone can help.
    I have read that our child car seats that we use here in the UK will not be legal in Australia.
    The one's we have are isofix and I am reading some really conflicting information about whether they can be used or not.
    I have also read that you can buy a tether strap which can be bought seperately and adapted to the top of our maxi cosi car seat so it meets standards?
    Would love some first hand feedback please.
    Thank you
    Claire ​

  2. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    As far as I know Claire, you will need new seats here. The UK seats will not have the Australian safety "sticker" and without it, they are not considered legal. It's such a shame, because the UK seat are every bit as good as seats here! Some people do bring seats and kind of have the "stuff it" attitude, but in the event of an accident, which hopefully you would never have, there could be all sorts of legal issues if your car seat was found not to meet the national safety standards.


  3. Claire & Ryan

    Claire & Ryan New Member

    Thanks Rudi,
    Thats what I thought. I agree, the UK seats are really good - well, compared to the ones we have used in Europe when on holidays.
    Looks like we will sell them here and then buy some new one when we arrive.
    Thanks again
    Claire x
  4. Mickeymolly

    Mickeymolly Guest

    we bought a brand new seat with us from the Uk, used it for around 4 mths then found out it is NOT legal here.
    you really need to buy a new one here and they come with anchor points.


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