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Discussion in 'Money & Finance' started by Aidy, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Aidy

    Aidy Guest

    I am looking to take out a car loan to purchase a new car.

    I am currently on a 457 visa (been here nearly one year), professional, good salary etc. etc. I approached my bank (Westpac) and they said I was not eligible to apply for a car loan as I am not a permanent resident or citizen.

    Does anybody know of any finance providers who are happy to lend to 457 holders? I have not approached the car dealership about finance as I always stayed clear of car dealership finance in the UK, as very often it is on quite unfavourable terms. Do you think it may be easier to get finance with them here, rather than the high street providers?

    Your experience/views would appreciated.
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  2. Moneycorp currency transfers
  3. Dori

    Dori Guest

    Hello Aidy,
    I work for a Motor Garage and my husband is a new Australian from London on a 457 Visa and we have managed to get him a car loan it is quite simple. If you still require assistance please email me.



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