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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by SherryT, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. SherryT

    SherryT Guest


    I'm so grateful for these types of communities.

    My partner will be relocating for work in Northern Queensland beginning in June and myself & my 2 girls, aged 13 & 11, will be arriving after they finish school in The Netherlands and a quick trip through Canada arriving mid August.

    I am fraught with questions and have no idea where I should begin
    • find a school then a house,
    • find a house then a school,
    • which grades do the girls slot in,
    • girls only school, coed.
    • the list continues.
    I have never traveled in Australia and so I'm now needing to begin to absorb any and all information about your wonderful country. I am so completely thrilled to be moving somewhere that you can expect the Sun to shine and speaking English!

    Again, I'm grateful to the creator(s) and administrators for these sites which always prove to be a fountain of valuable information. This is my starting point.
    Thank you,

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