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Discussion in 'North & Far North QLD' started by Ktee, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    Now although these are classed as private schools, most of them won't have extortionate schools fees like private schools in the UK. I send 3 children to one of the ones below and it costs me a total of $7200 per year. You will find a lot of the private schools will go from Kindy to Yr 12 so the children don't have to keep changing school which I think is a good thing especially when they have just moved from the other side of the world.
    Again I will do the same rating 1 being terrible and 5 being excellent

    Holy Cross Primary School - Rating - 2
    Reed Road, Trinity Park QLD 4879
    Phone: 07 4057 6920

    Our Lady Help of Christians School - Rating - 3
    18 Balaclava Road, Earlville
    Phone: 07 4054 2566

    St Andrews Catholic College - Rating - 4
    Redlynch Valley, Redlynch QLD 4870
    Phone: 07 4039 5200

    Saint Augustine's College - Ratings - 5 (boys school, the girls equivalent is St Monicas, they also do boarding)
    251 Draper St Cairns QLD 4870
    Phone: 07 4051 5555

    St Francis Xaviers's School - Ratings - 4 (primary)
    5 Atkinson St Manunda QLD 4870
    Phone: 07 4037 9900

    St Gerard Majella Primary School - Ratings - 4
    63 Anderson Road, Woree QLD 4868
    Phone: 07 4054 4805

    St Josephs School - Rating - 3
    13 Loeven St Parramatta Park QLD 4870
    Phone: 07 4051 4041

    St Mary's Catholic College - Rating - 4
    53 Anderson Road, Woree QLD 4870
    Phone: 07 4054 6144

    St Monica's College - Rating - 5 (girls equivalent to St Augustines, excellent at sport and always win all the cups)
    177 Abbott St Cairns QLD 4870
    Phone: 07 4042 4800

    St Therese's School - Rating -3
    135 Robert Road, Bentley Park QLD 4869
    Phone: 07 4055 4514

    Cairns Adventist School - Rating - 3
    302- 308 Gatton St, Manunda QLD 4870
    Phone: 07 4051 2585

    Freshwater Christian College - Rating - 3
    301 Brinsmead Rd, Brinsmead QLD 4870
    Phone: 07 4055 1337

    Peace Lutheran College - Rating - 4
    Cowley St Kamerunga QLD 4870
    Phone: 07 4039 1477

    Trinity Anglican School - Rating - 5
    Progress Rd White Rock QLD
    Poolwood Rd, Kewarra Beach QLD
    Phone: 07 4036 8111

  2. anninkc

    anninkc Guest

    Hi there,

    You've been very informative with your two posts on Cairns primary schools. I wonder if I could bother you with some questions :) ?? We're most likely moving to the area next year - the kindy year for our daughter. I expect we'll rent for a while to check out the town etc, so this should give me some good choices as to where to choose for schooling. I wonder do the different private schools have different vibes ie more intense, extra musical, very proper etc etc. I'm actually a (currently retired!) teacher myself, but have no experience and/or contacts up north (from Brissie). I had a bit of Catholic schooling as a kid, even though I'm not Catholic, and thought it was just wonderful ie very warm and just 'nice' compared with the state schools I attended with regards to atmosphere, expectations with manners etc. I've also taught at a couple of (name brand!!) private schools in Brissie which fell into the ecumenical variety - I thought at times they placed too much pressure on the kids at various stages. I wonder if the Anglican (I am a bit of a vague, wandering Anglican myself) schools up there are a bit 'gung ho' (!!) for a 5 yr old starting prep??? Not too sure if they have too much homework and/or from my experience in life, Anglican schools usually have a bit more of a societal agenda than Catholic schools .. you know, need to be the best at this, that or the other, as opposed to the Catholic schools simply providing quality education for kids without necessarily needing to have any sort of profile as such out in the world. I see there are two other privates, but I'm thinking the Freshwater and other Lutheran school might be a bit small ie 400 - 500 kids for P - 12 makes for pretty small schools. So far I was tossing up between St Andrews, TAS and the Catholic school in Manunda - was it St Francis maybe? Also I obviously am not sure where we'll be living yet, but are looking at Smithville, Trinity Beach etc - hubby will have to drive into the hospital each day for work (we're not too sure if the beaches might be too long a commute for him). I don't work at the moment, but don't really want a big drive to school each morning and afternoon, either. Fussy, eh?!

    I should add that hubby is a little leery of Catholic schooling (or religious schooling altogether, really, but I think I shall win this argument!!) and I'm really interested in a place that's well situated musically. We might move on after 5 or 6 years in the area, too, so ... it's kind of a touch choice!

    Anyway, if you could shed any light on the situation, I'd really appreciate it!! We're actually coming over to Cairns (currently in Perth) in Oct to check the place out, but only staying for 3 or 4 days, so it'll be pretty crammed, I think.

  3. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    Hi Ann
    Welcome to the forum.
    If you are looking for a school which is in to music, drama etc then I would highly recommend St Andrews and . Also St Andrews is great if your children are in to sports, they have the largest sports field in Cairns and other schools often come to use it.

    St Andrews Kindy opens next year and they currently have the forms available to go on the waiting list Waiting List.pdf

    In regards to where to live, unlike other cities Cairns isn't bad at all to commute. From the Beaches to the hospital you would probably be looking at 30 minutes. Redlynch it is 20 minutes, Smithfield again around 20 minutes.
    You will find most of the schools have their own buses, but your little one will be too young now to take advantage of this.
    A lot of people who live up in the beaches send their children to TAS in Kewarra Beach, either school you won't go wrong, the fees are a lot higher at TAS though.
  4. anninkc

    anninkc Guest

    Thanks a lot for all the helpful info. I guess I'll have quite a bit of scouting out to do when we visit next month.

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