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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TAFFTOOZ, Sep 12, 2006.


    TAFFTOOZ Guest

    Hi All

    Does anyone have info on this area?
    Schools, where to live, good/bad areas, etc...



  2. Australstar

    Australstar Guest

  3. deanandjo

    deanandjo Guest

    HI Al
    My family and I are visiting Caboolture for a week in the middle of November doing a reccie north and south of the Brisbane area .Will post any info when I have it
    Dean and Jo
  4. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Hi..we have been to Caboolture..Its a nice place with lots of schools..Pauls mum lives 20 mins from here in Woodford, The trains run straight into Brisbane..Its clean, its is a town but smaller than what we call towns, but I think thats a good thing..There are nice places to eat, banks, etc..We originally looked at living in Caboolture, but Paul wants to live a little more rural..And hey Keith Urban comes from here so it cant be all bad :)
  5. deanandjo

    deanandjo Guest

    We stayed at the caboolture central motor inn on the main road as a base for our rekkie.The motel was superb with a pool .The town as said is quite small but good,we visited the market at the showgrounds on a sunday morning as well.The shopping in the town is basic but we drove to the morayfield shopping centre which was good.Bribie island was good too with a couple of quiet beaches,and is a good drive.We did the usual tourist thing of visiting Australia zoo and the sunshine coast,but being honest are more unsure of where to live now as we looked all the way from Strathpine to Noosa.
    Our situation after validating our visas on this trip is we are waiting for our house to be sold then we are on our way.
    Good luck
    Dean and Jo

    TAFFTOOZ Guest

    Hi Jo n Paul and deanandjo

    Glad you had a good time in Caboolture.

    We're still hoping to settle there, maybe Bellmere and Wamuran are also on our list.

    What impression did you feel from the residents and children (are they a friendly bunch?)

    What kind of time does it take to get to Brisbane, Morayfield shopping centre and Bribie Island from Caboolture? What are the beaches like there?

    Sorry for all the daft questions but we would really appreciate your true thoughts :wink:

  7. deanandjo

    deanandjo Guest

    HI AL
    Residents and children were all friendly, for example most nights I was in the pool with my kids the pool was next to the pathway and people walking past would say Gday, how you going.Brisbane was up to 45 min depending on trafiic.The morayfield shopping centre was about 5 min drive.Bribie was about 10 to 15 min drive just over the motorway.On the island Banksia beach and Woorim beach were clean ,clear water and soft sand,I think Woorim only has life savers at the weekend tho , not too sure on this one. Beaches up the sunshine coast were fantastic all with beach facilities such as showers ,surf club restaurants and all free parking . We went to dinner at Sunshine Beach surf club , I think Steak and chips, and two fish and chip dinners and drinks were approx $30 .
    All the cafe s and restaurants the staff were friendly , takes a while to get used too tho.Also went to Redcliffe, was a bit quite but we did go in the week. Hope this helps
    Anything else just let us know
    Dean and Jo
  8. Hi everyone, We were thinking of looking at Caboolture on our next trip. Ive found the info very useful. Would there be enough there for two boys 16 and 15 or is it permenant trips to brizzy or mooloolaba for action. cheers, Mark and Ali 8)
  9. Nick'n'Trish

    Nick'n'Trish Guest

    Hi there,

    Glad to hear so many people have a positive view of Caboolture. We were looking to buy a house there (beautiful house on a lovely estate) but was deterred by work collegues and a cousin who has lived here in Qld for a few years. Apparently it has a bad reputation and is at the lower socioeconomic scale of towns (druggies, robberies etc).

    On saying that, I start work at the local hospital, which looks gorgeous - in a couple of weeks and everyone i've actually met is really friendly.
    I'm easily scared off from places with 'bad' reputations but it does help to get various opinions (just wish I'd have spoken to people with positive views like you guys). Because we love the area so much (north Brizzie), we have just bought a house in Narangba - local to Morayfield Shopping Centre, Caboolture, Bribie Island and North Lakes shopping centre.

    Good luck with everything (11 more sleeps for our own house..YAY)

    trish :lol:
  10. onecrankypom

    onecrankypom Guest

    Just moved to Brisbane and living in North Lakes from what i seen of Caulboute it seems a very quiet subuarb with its rough and nice parts depanding what you are looking for you will like caulboute but try to get your self a house in a cul de sac and not on the main roads as i stayed at a friends house there and could hear traffic

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