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Discussion in 'Health & Lifestyle' started by Love Shoes, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    When we arrived we initially rented a car from a local chap for a reasonable $250 a month, but it was an old car, we had decided to buy a car as soon as possible, we opted for a good second hand car, we had been advised to buy something which was easy to get parts for I.e., Japanese or made in Australia, which made sense.

    Cars are expensive here, there is no doubt about that, so it really pays to shop around, we have since noticed that cars seem cheaper in and around Brisbane, so the next time we have to buy a car we shall be going to Brisbane.

    One thing we did notice was the omission of prices on window screens, we are not sure if that is a local practice, we think it is, as not all dealers do it and in Brisbane the prices are displayed. We had to wring the price out if them, 'how much is that silver Corolla over there' ...... 'Which one?, how much are you looking to spend', I told them, then it's 'oh yes that might be in your price range, I will go and speak to my boss, if he can do it for that price can you buy today' :arghh: it drove me mad, I had bout 4 weeks of trying to extract a price out of them for our car, the first was $11,000 my oh got a price for $10,000 ..... Then I got $13,500, and finally on the day I was ready to buy I got $13,000 ...... 'Will you buy today' I ended up getting very annoyed and threatening to walk out, I told the sales man I had $11,000 knowing he wouldn't accept but knew I had to pay $12,000 ... I asked about a service, he tossed me for it .... I had to wait weeks for the service .... So I booked the car into a local garage for a oil change and service, the mechanic informed me there was no oil in the car, and asked me where I had bought it, he was shocked ....
    the game play and advice I will give to anyone buying a second hand car is be firm and be prepared to walk away, these guys can be hard work.

    the actual handover was very easy, we had both arranged Australian driving licences, which the admin guy said made things so much easier, apparently had I still had my European licence I would have had to fill in loads of paperwork, so my advice would be to acquire your OZ licence before purchasing your car. Acquiring a licence is fairly simple, I think I needed three forms of ID, credit card, something with an address, my visa and I think I also gave them my UK licence which they photocopied, they give you a choice of duration for the licence, we got three years I think or it might be four ..... They issued mine to a temporary address, just don't forget to inform them when you move to a permanent address, they issue a piece of paper in the office and your plastic licence will be posted out to you.

    good luck, I have probably missed something out, hope this helps members when they are buying a car ....

  2. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Where did you go for your licences? We have been here a week now and don't know where to go. We haven't been to look for a car yet as we still have the hire car. We are in 8 mile plains in the holiday village.

    We are going up to north lakes today to look at some houses which are open for inspection, we have to get a house in the next 3 weeks, any advice on that front?

    gill x
  3. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Hi, we went to our local dept of transport, I will have a look later to see if I can locate one close to where you are staying.
    good luck with the house hunting, it's not easy, be firm with the agents as a lot of them can be very hard work, I struck up a bit of a rapport with a couple and felt this helped ....
  4. tink

    tink New Member

  5. tink

    tink New Member

  6. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    Remember if you are buying a 2nd hand car to check

    the registered owner´s name, the registration number plate, the vehicle identification number (VIN) (or chassis number if car was made before 1989), the engine number and any other details correspond exactly with the information on the registration certificate

    the seller is the registered owner by comparing the current registration certificate with the seller´s driver´s licence

    the car is not stolen by contacting your local police station and giving them the VIN number, registration number and engine number

    the car (if registered) has a current safety certificate

    you get a PPSR certificate to make sure there is no money owing on the vehicle

    the car is mechanically sound by getting an independent inspection from a qualified person.
  7. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    Also don't forget the extra costs over here if a car is advertised at $10,000 you don't just pay $10,000
    You would pay an extra $200 stamp duty and $21 transfer fee.

    A lot of people forget about the stamp duty

    Vehicle Registration Duty is applicable when applying for, or transferring, registration of a vehicle. Duty is calculated on the dutiable value, except for special vehicles.

    For new vehicles, the dutiable value is the total of the list price and all items of optional equipment.

    For used vehicles, the dutiable value is the greater of the:

    total consideration payable by the purchaser (including any deposit, trade-in allowance and the price of all optional equipment)
    market value of the vehicle.
    Exemptions are outlined in Chapter 9, Part 4 of the Duties Act 2001.

    Rates of Duty – Current at 28 March 2012

    Special vehicles: $25. All other vehicles - Duty is calculated using the amounts below for each $100, or part of $100, of the vehicle's dutiable value:

    Vehicle type Amount
    Hybrid vehicle (any no. of cylinders)
    Electric vehicles $2.00
    Vehicle with 1 to 4 cylinders
    Vehicle with 2 rotors
    Steam vehicle $3.00
    Vehicle with 5 or 6 cylinders
    Vehicle with 3 rotors $3.50
    Vehicle with 7 or more cylinders $4.00
    For a vehicle not previously registered, the dutiable value is the total of the vehicle's list price and list prices of all items of optional equipment not included in the list price.
    For a vehicle previously registered, or a vehicle with no list price, the dutiable value is the greater of either the market value or the total consideration payable for the vehicle.

    Also you could be liable for further costs ie

    Luxury Car Tax
    Used vehicles that exceed the “luxury car threshold” currently set at $57,123 (with a few exceptions, such as for more fuel efficient models) will incur a luxury car tax if the car is purchased through a dealer. The tax of 33% of GST is calculated on the value of the car that exceeds the threshold. Be aware that private sales do not incur a Luxury Car Tax, so you should be wary of an individual who tries to claim this cost.

    Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)
    Don’t forget that if you own a vehicle you are required to have third party vehicle insurance even if you don’t plan on being on the road. You will need to arrange for this before you can register the car. This is an additional expense to factor into your car purchase considerations.

    REVs Check and Car History Report
    While not a required cost, it’s worth it to purchase a REVs check and vehicle check on the car history when you purchase your used car. For just $25, you can run the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) through a number of state and national databases to find out if a vehicle carries any encumbrance, has been written-off or stolen, as well as getting a list of all known odometer readings to ensure that the car you’re buying is what the seller says it is.
  8. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    I forgot about the transfer duty, thanks for that Kate. X
  9. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    maybe look into car brokers such as through the union shopper if you are with them through your work union or look into Private Fleet, i have dealt with both when buying cars and i must say they make the job way easier. I would go to one dealer for the car i wanted get a price and then let them do the dealing. Its fantastic.
  10. victoria89

    victoria89 New Member

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