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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by RussStephens, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. RussStephens

    RussStephens Guest

    Hi everyone

    My name is Russ and I am a designer/builder operating in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

    I moved to Brisbane from Kent in 2006 with my wife and two kids. We came out on a business visa so if anyone would like some help or advise regarding that process I would be glad to help.

    My company is David Reid Homes, and we not only design and build luxury homes we also set up offices around Australia with business partners.

    Any questions please feel free to ask me and I'll be only too happy to help.

    Russ Stephens
    David Reid Homes

  2. tuk

    tuk Guest

    Hi russ
    Just had a look at your web site and, WOW Im loving the look of your work.
    Im a builder and am looking to move to The sunshine coast in october Its good to see a fellow brit doing so well, its very inspiring:biggrin:
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  3. RussStephens

    RussStephens Guest

    Thanks Tuk

    Give me a shout when you move over, would be happy to meet up and offer any help I can to help you get settled in and started.

  4. Beanie

    Beanie Guest

    Hi Russ

    I'm a builder - brickie by trade and there was'nt much work up their when we first landed in November last year. I was offered a job down in Adelaide so we made the move (again) and came here. we dont hate it here but our hearts are still in QLD. we are coming back up in August to do a reccie to see if we can make the move for real this time round.

    My question to you is, is there work for builders up there at the moment with this recession going on.

    Thanks Mark
  5. slacky

    slacky New Member

    Building in Brisbane.

    Hi Russ,
    Yes ...very impressive web site.Im a carpenter &joiner heading for Brisbane armed with a General Skilled Migration Visa,this summer,like Mark has asked Is there much work for carpenters at the moment .
    Thanks Des..
  6. RussStephens

    RussStephens Guest

    Hi Guys

    At the moment there is not a lot of work around, we ran an advert in Jan looking for trades and inundated. However, we are hearing that the entry level of the market has really kicked off in Jan & Feb with plenty of contracts being signed. That work will start materialising in the next couple of months so I would expect a very different story around June.


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