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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by sadeb, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. sadeb

    sadeb Guest

    I’m a mechanical engineer working in the field of electro-mechanical installations and I’m planning to move to Australia in two months as a PR (175). I really need your advice regarding the job market in Brisbane, is it more promising than in Perth?. Most probably, I'll be moving in before being able to secure a job due to the limited time I have and I'd certainly like to move to where there are more possibilities for landing an engineering job in a short period. What do you think? Perth or Brisbane?
    (note: I’m already eliminating Melbourne and Sydney from my list as from what I learned the job market is already saturated there)
    I'm really like confused which to choose, east or west, depending on which job market is more promising and hence it won't take long before I can land a job after arrival. Any feedback from your side will definitely help.

    In case the answer is Brisbane, is it a must that I become a Certified Professional Engineer Queensland (CPEQ) in order to be hired as an engineer or it is alright as long as I’ll be reporting or supervised by one. In other words, will I be able to get a job without being a CPEQ?

    Please advise me as soon as you can as I need to decide shortly as I need to book my tickets and temporary accommodation shortly.

    Any feedback will be much appreciated.


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