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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by jul_ian, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. jul_ian

    jul_ian Guest

    Hi all
    We're new to this site although have been looking at threads for quite a while. We're a family of 6, kids of 18, 15, 13 and 7. We got our 136 visa (skilled) May 07 but are still in blighty. We did a rekkie to Perth last August as we were set on going there but are having doubts and think the Brisbane side of the country might suit our kids more (mainly the older ones). Our eldest son (18) doesnt want to come anyway so Ive got a lot of persuading to do. I wondered if anyone could give us some info on different areas (I know its covering a lot of miles) but just wondered what the difference is between the 3 areas (Brisbane, Gold C and Sunshine C). Our eldest has a quad bike which he races and would like to carry on with this. Our 15 year old loves all sport espcially cricket and basketball, our 13 year old goes to dancing/drama classes and she loves shopping, and our 7 year old is a lovely little boy who loves everything!
    Any info that is received will be much appreciated. Hubby and me will probably come over for 10 days or so later this year and if we feel its right, are going to come over at Xmas and new year with the kids, with a view to moving early next year. Im 44 and hubbys 45 (wall and floor tiler) and we feel we need to do something pretty soon as we're all getting older (unfortuntely).
    Many thanks
    Julia and Ian
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  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya Guys with older teenage children id suggest somewere outside the city or the Gold Coast ,i dont think there will be enough for your teenagers up around the sunny coast.The Gold Coast is great for activities but i dont think youd want to live right in the hussle and bustle of everything ,its quite touristy around southport,familys seem to head for Coomera,Oxenford etc.Theres also plenty of work south of the city,what jobs do you do?
    I relocated a family to Albany creek near the city they had 2 teenage girls and are very happy there ,good rail link into the city so your not taxing them every day,lol,the only problem with the city is you will have to transport the quad for your son to ride it.
    We live about 50 mins south of the city and 50 mins inland from the gold coast,my son has a motorbike and the birthday bunny is bringing my 4 yr old a quad in september,lol, most kids around here have bikes or quads ,as its mainly acerage property they can ride around the garden and we have made my son a small track to play on.
    There are a few clubs that hold monthly meets but i know lots dont allow Quads ,so that would need looking into,,shout if you need anymore help
  3. jul_ian

    jul_ian Guest

    Many thanks for your reply. Hubby is a wall/floor tiler (he has his own business here) and I do all the admin side of things. It sounds like Gold Coast might be the right area for us. We want to be fairly near the beach but want a nice area to live in. We dont really want to be too far away from things but like you say, not in the middle of everything either! I suppose its like everyone says, you know the area when you see it. If you could suggest any more areas for me to look at on the real estate sites, that would be really useful. I'll start having a look at the couple of areas you already mentioned
    Many thanks
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya Julia
    Upper Coomera is very popular with familys and has everything you need ,Runaway Bay is another place worth looking into,i could give you a list as long your arm lol, thats the problem there are too many nice places!!! My hubby works in Nerang ,which is next to labrador & Southport ,they are quite industrial or touristy and abit to hussle and bustley for everyday life. South gold coast may be more appealing to you as there are more acerage style properties in areas such as Springbrook(gorgous) ideal for the Quads its very green and like a dfferent world to Surfers Paradise but only a short drive away.
    The best advice i can give is when you arrive drive and drive and drive ,check out all the suburbs you fancy as some may seem more appealing to your circumstances than others.Book somewere for 2 or 3 weeks to give you time to see the areas you like plus anymore you can fit in ,dont jump into a house because its easy,picking the right area makes a hell of difference when trying to settle!
    hope this helps a bit and gives you a few more hurs research,lol, speak soon
    Cal x
  5. Hi Cal, i have read a few of your replies and can see you know alot about Brisbane. We have been looking at Perth (WA) because of a job offer and Adelaide, because it isn't just as hot. Could you tell me what it is like for the heat, sun, humidity etc in Brisbane, year round, could it be too hot for our kids, or is it bearable. Brisbane looks as though it has a lot more to offer than the other two places, could you give us an insight as to what it has to offer, jobs availability, night life, things to do. We have just started our visa process with 'go matilda' migration agents, my wife is having her skills assessed. Cheers for any help and info, jim & helen. ps you haven't heard if the prisons are wanting uk prison officers?
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya ,January can get hot and humid ,but in just over 2 years i have had nothing unbearable, its actually surprising how quick you climatise, my children were 3 and 7 when we arrived and we have had no problems. I dont really use air-con in the house ,as i find it seems to bring on a snotty cold ,we have coped fine with ceiling fans. Air-con in the car is a must though,i come out of the supermarket and its hotter than an oven inside,lol.
    I have relocated a couple of familys from Adeliade and one from Perth ,all settled in and around Brisbane fine.
    Go Matilda are a great company ,you shouldnt go wrong with them, good luck with everything,i remember the visa process well and i dont envy you,lol.
    Cal x
  7. Mrs C

    Mrs C New Member

    Hi there

    I agree with Cal (once again lol) your always right...

    The Gold Coast is excellent for our family we have 3 teenagers 18, 17 and 13 and there is a great deal for them to do here, especiall the 5 major theme parks.

    I live in Arundel Hills, but Pacific Pines, Parkwood, Ashmore and Helensvale are all nice places to name but a few. There are shops and transport near by as well as beaches and parks so we have got it all.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    WHy is Cal ALWAYS right!!! LOL!
  9. Mrs C

    Mrs C New Member

    Yeah how does she know so much??
  10. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Oh i wish i was ,lol, you learn something new every day in this fantastic country !! Its like being at school,lol
    Today i learnt that Labrador and Southport are to have millions spent on a major facelift,, great place for buying a house for investment if this is the case.
    Cal x

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