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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by steve781, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. steve781

    steve781 steve781

    we are a bit torn on our final location when we move between north brisbane and the fraser coast area like Gympie or Hervey bay. I know there would be more work around the Brisbane area and like the look of the Strathpine area but we also really liked our time up around Gympie and Hervey bay with the added attraction of cheaper properties. On the down side there we probably be longer journeys between jobs. Any one else with the same sort of problems or advice would be good to hear some ideas, cheers.

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    People do say work is very hard to come by around there, if you can secure jobs then that would be a huge hurdle out of your way.

    I have read on forums that Hervey Bay is a retirement place, i then read the arguments that its full of young familys now and not just older people.So i strongly suggest a stay there before you comitt to anything then YOU know what its like.
    Gympie is great, friends have a farm just past there and we have been up a few times, property is cheaper but for investment purposes its tipped as one the places to buy. The downside to Gympie is again work and the distance to other ''busy'' suburbs.

    I guess overall if you can secure work up that way, go for it,
    Cal x
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member


    I think your decision will all depend on where you manage to get employment and how far you are willing to travel for work.

    Cal has mentioned that those areas are considered 'retierment areas' but I think its simmilar to the area I live in near Bribie Island, new developement has lowered the average age as new families move in. They are nice areas if you can get work a suitable travelling distance.
  4. steve781

    steve781 steve781


    Thanks guys, We spent a month just outside of Gympie where my dad lives and yeah the distances between towns is a bit of a stretch compared to blighty and spent a week in Hervey bay and really liked the atmosphere there. Like you say though it does all come down to having the work in those areas. Still only just started on the road to QL so got a fair amount of time to decide but is good to have a place to aim at. Did it take either of you a while to find a suitable place and did you know the areas you wanted to end up before you moved out there?
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Before we came i was adamant we were going to move to Deception Bay near the Sunny Coast, however once we actually arrived and visited the place it just wasnt for us, so we drove,drove and drove some more,lol, as soon as we drove onto Flagstone it just felt 'right' for us and here we are 3 years later still there.

    Choosing an area is reallyyyyyyyy hard and there is no real way of doing it other than driving and driving to see where you think fits your needs best. Out of approx 50 familys i know that have relocated this last 2 years only 2 familys actually ended up in the suburb they picked prior to arrival,,, places can look very different in real life,lol.

    Cal x
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2010
  6. srp

    srp No longer active member

    When I moved over here my wife had already been here 4 months, she came over to sort things out while I applied for my visa. She chose Bribie Island and I just moved in when I came here. The unit we rented in Bribie was put up for sale, so when our lease was due for renewal we had to find somewhere new to live and the unit we now live in became available, so we moved just of Bribie. I suppose we are in the fortunate position that being semi retired we can move around if we want, and who knows what will happen in the future we may decide to try another area for 12 months.
  7. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Well i have just booked a few nights in Harvey Bay as its somewhere i want to see and havent yet got around to, so next week i will give you MY personal opinion of HB and the surronding area.
    (will also try to pick up a few local papers to see what the job front looks like)

    Cal x
  8. steve781

    steve781 steve781


    I think you will enjoy it there, its a bit deceptive on the way in as you pass by industrial parks but the main drag is lovely, the beach is not busy and is shelterd by Fraser I. There are lots of nice cafes and little restaurants with a nice atmosphere. Even a colony of Fruit bats near by if thats your thing. The walk along the pier is a must as long as you can dodge the fishing rods flying back and forward We went in through Maryborough which was really nice and my little girl loved the mary poppins statue but thats about half hour out of H/B so only good if you have transport. Anyway hope you have a good time there:smile:
  9. steve781

    steve781 steve781


    We only had a fleeting visit to Bribie and didnt see any thing of it apart from the the southern most tip as we had to drive back up to Gympie from Bris and Glass mountains, so much to try and so little time, but its somewhere we will definately visit properly when we come back
  10. cal

    cal Super Moderator


    Well we had a whistle stop tour of the Fraser Coast , staying a couple of nights in Hervey Bay and all up it wasnt the out of this world i thought it would be. Heres a few lines of my opinion,,,

    Hervey Bay -
    you can tell at one time had an older population, now theres loads of new estates and houses, lots of kids and a nice promenade that isnt too busy or over touristy. the Shopping side was better than i expected ,the town ctr much bigger than i expected.

    Tin Can Bay -
    Wasnt overly impressed, nice beach but so as the Gold Coast and its nearer,lol not much there ,more of a peaceful escape and couldnt find much for the kids to do in the short time we had.

    Rainbow Bay/ Beach -
    Out of the places we went this was the nicest, again not much there but a nice strip with cafes and shops on that you could sit outside, stunning beaches you can drive the 4wd onto. Growing communities close by ,everything clean and tidy.

    Maryborough- We didnt stop here just drove through a couple of times, you can tell its an old city , some buildings and shops in the ctr could do with a lick of paint to make the place look tidier, again bigger and busier than i expected but just not for me.

    Was good to go and see these places, and will probably go back as we still want to visit Fraser Island not sure i could live up there though.

    Cal x

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