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  1. emilyemorgan

    emilyemorgan Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm Emily, 21, looking to meet new friends. Lived here since September. I work in the CBD and everyone in work is either old or boring :)

    If anyone fancies a meet up get in touch! I need to get out of the house or I'm going to go crazy!



  2. Hi There, i too am 21, working in Milton but im living in the city area.
    Have been in Brisbane for nearly 3 years and im finding it hard to make friends.
    if you want to meet up sometime shoot me a message
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  3. justine86

    justine86 Guest

    Hi Emily,

    I been here just shy of 2 months and know how you feel!! I have come to Brisbane with my Aussie boyfriend and am in need of some girly company. I'm 26, from the UK,I live close to the city and work in the CBD too!! Let me know if you are interested in meeting up!! :)

  4. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Hi Emily, I'm old and boring so count me out :cry:
  5. koaladeb

    koaladeb Guest

    Hi Emily, sorry to `but in' but as you seem a lively and outgoing person can I just ask you how you are enjoying life in Australia? We are coming over in October (to Gold Coast) but my eldest son (21) will not be joining us until spring time next year. He is in `IT' and hopefully he can get a job in Brisbane but for some reason he thinks we should be heading to Perth (he belives the work and climate is better there). I'm just worried that he won't be able to make friends there or settle in.
    Any tips or advice would be very welcomed.
  6. hello Emily,

    my name is Jenne. I have been living in Brisbane for a month and would like to make some friends also!
    I look forward to hearing from you and grabbing some drinks!

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  7. Nataliexoxo

    Nataliexoxo Guest

    Hey! How did the meeting people from posting on here go? I'm 23 and moved here about a month ago and started working straight away and everyone is either old or boring also so I'm going a little bit crazy! :) Missing my girlies lots! If you want to have a chat let me know! Nat
  8. caylin

    caylin Guest

    Hey im Caylin

    and im pretty much in the same position, this is amazing that you can google this kiknd of stuff and people are out there in the same position anywho haha a drink would be great, im 19, dont think im no silly little 19 year old girl though ha. :)
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  9. NeilA

    NeilA Guest

    Hi Folks, I am going to be moving over soon, going to the Gold Coast for a bit first then hopefully moving up to Brisbane. I noticed your all girls, I'm not so won't be able to join in with girly chat I'm afraid :p . But I do want to meet new people who are in Aus so if anyone wants to chat for a bit then go for a drink or whatever once I'm there get in touch :)!!

    Neil x
  10. caylin

    caylin Guest


    add me on facebook caylin kereama
  11. NeilA

    NeilA Guest

    Hey Caylin I added you (at least I think it was you)!! If anyone else wants to connect on facebook message me
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  12. Sarcia

    Sarcia Guest

    New girl friends :)

    Hey Nat!
    I'm also in the same boat! Missing my girlfriends stacks! I moved here from Melbourne! I'm 23 too! :)
    Speak to you soon, Sarcia
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  13. dezabel

    dezabel Guest

    Hi there Ive relocated from London (missing it!!)....please get in touch...I have facebook as well :)
  14. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Guys i have removed alot of personal e-mails and information from your posts, please be aware anyone can read your post not just members.

    Cal x
  15. worjackie93

    worjackie93 Guest

    Hi Guys,

    I'm Jack, 19, from Newcastle, England and just moved to Brisbane about 4 weeks ago. Really hoping to find some people to go for a few drinks with and just have a bit of a laugh really.

    My facebook name is Jack Williamson if anyone's interested! :)
  16. NeilA

    NeilA Guest

    Hi Jack,

    I am living on the Gold Coast just now but moving up to Brisbane in a few weeks. PM me you email add and I'll find you on facebook (there are quite a few people by your name show up in the search!), I'd be happy to go few a few drinks.

  17. jamielee

    jamielee Guest

    hey ladies :) im 21 and have just moved to brisbane and i know noone :( its driving me crazy!! ii would love to make some new friends and just have a goodtime and a mean laugh.
  18. Debbiedebbie

    Debbiedebbie Guest

    Im in the same situation, getting CRAZY being alone! Been here since last friday, people are really nice around here but seems so hard to bond with.
    Im 22 and so up for a drink or a coffee anytime! PM me and im all yours!

  19. Annalie

    Annalie Guest

    Hi I'm annalie, just joined this site, I badly need to meet some people in Brisbane, just got in from Cornwall uk, I need to meet some friends
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  20. Annalie

    Annalie Guest

    I'm annalie, I'm free any time, 17 year old girl from Cornwall need some chit chat urgently!!
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