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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by cal, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I hope none of our members are being affected by these flash floods. Should anyone find theirselves stuck, please yell and myself, the other mods and admin will do all we can to help.

    Here are some links for anyone currently in QLD to up to date information on affected areas and areas thought to be in danger.

    - ABC Brisbane - Brisbane Weather - Weather Warnings - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    - DMR - Traffic & Travel Information - Static

    - 24-7 Flood Info Centre | Qld Floods | Latest Queensland flood info | Courier Mail

    - EWN - The Early Warning Network - Free Weather Warnings - Australia - Early Warning System for NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, SA, NT, WA, ACT, Sydney Weather, Melbourne Weather, Brisbane Weather

    Stay safe everyone
    Cal x

  2. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Please ask for help if you need it. I can't offer a bed, but I have got room for pets!

    If you have a caravan you can park it at my place and live in it!!!



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