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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Hugster&co, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Hooray ! The house has sold again!!
    Move date agreed etc so.....
    OH goes on the 12th June to start his job.
    Me and the girls follow on the 26th June, once house all handed over.
    Scary stuff!! .... I have sooo many 'to do' lists I am running in circles! :rofl:

    I am really excited, but the organising of the last minute things is just making my mind boggle!

    Leaving the renting of a property to my husband when he gets there. (!)

    I want to hit the ground running and get involved in us much to get the kids settled as possible, kids clubs, new circle of friends etc so anyone going over at a similar time, get in touch. Or there already, of course. My kids are 2yrs and 4yrs.


  2. alles

    alles New Member


    Hi and welcome whats hubbies job and which area are you moving to we are south of bris on the goldcoast but it all depends on hubbies work for you so all the best the taylor family.
  3. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Good on ya!

    BRissie here u come!
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya ,where in brissy are you heading for ,there are a few of us spread across most areas so one of us will be near(ish)lol,,good luck with everything
    Cal x
  5. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Hi Cal,
    From what I have seen on line I think that we will be looking around the Sunny Banks, Darra, Cooper Plains area. Then again,short term, as Simon is based right in the centre of Brisbane we may end up there for the first month or so. I am trusting him to get the best value for money and best situation for the kids.

    Hi to the Taylor family aswell, Simon is a Chef, so working shifts. We will be an hour or so away from you I believe. But that isn't any distance at all really.

    Thanks both for getting intouch. It's such a weird feeling, knowing we are going somewhere we have never set foot before and will not know a sole. Even harder for my OH, because he will arrive alone. Work will help him settle in I am sure.
    keep in touch
  6. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Hi, I have seen you guys loads on here, cheers for support.
  7. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Simon arrived last night - Australia time. Girls are missing him, we will be joining him next week.
    I waved goodbye to the container today - the house is just shell. No turning back now!! he he
    Thanks all for your advise and help.
    Now fingers crossed ur container gets through without any isssues.

  8. Clippo's

    Clippo's Guest

    Welcome to Oz.
    We are Sharon & Phill and have 2 children, Luke 10 & Georgia 5.
    We arrived here in late March and after a 3 week holiday are now renting a house on the Woodlands Estate in Waterford.
    My wife Sharon is a midwife and is working at the Mater hospital in Brisbane. I am now job searching and just doing a college course in Health & Safety.
    If we can help in anyway just ask away and if you need someone to talk to you'd be more than welcomed.
  9. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya Lisa i hope he is ok ,let me know if he gets stuck with anything and ill send you my mobby number,,cant see a newbie stuck now can we.Hope he finds somewere nice for you
    Cal x
  10. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Thanks Clippo's and Cal.
    He is struggling to find a furnished place for such a short rent. So plan 2 is to rent the actual long term now and hire furniture until ours arrives........
    Any ideas on companies to try.
    He starts work Monday so is trying to get his body clock adjusted. Not doing too well at that as he is up now chatting to me (16:50 here).
    Cheers again for your help.
  11. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya Lisa i replied to your other thread ,,drop me a pm if you like ,have you lookd on Oz ebay for stuff,most houses are that big you still have room for your own stuff when it arrives,lol
    Cal x
  12. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Hi Lisa and family!

    Hope that things are going well. Hows the house thing going? Did u find somewhere? We are over in Sinnamon Park and can answer any questions too that you have!

    We`re all here to help! Been there, seen it, done it, bought the T shirt and all that!!!! LOL! LOL!
  13. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    advice please,

    hello mark,

    the other half of the family here, well quite literally as im in brisbane.
    i have managed to get a house on a complex out near manly which i am really releived and pleased about as it gives us a start for the first 6 months, anyway enough about that lisa and the kids are due out next friday(27th), and i have the house/unit from next tuesday, can you advise me of the best way of going about getting furniture, beds, bedding, etc etc, is it to rent or is it to buy cheap and then sell second hand, if i buy is there somewhere i can buy things like beds straight away as i am told some places take up to 12 weeks to deliver, can you recommend anyway to buy most of this stuff, work has told me ikea, is that correct or is there somewhere cheaper, i dont want to go to far out although i do have a sat nav so if you have names and addresses that would be great, i m just trying to make sure the familys arrival is a great one to there new life in aus.


    the other half of hugster


  14. sue2oz

    sue2oz Guest

    good luck guys
    been reading your thread am new on here you see:biggrin:
    hope lisa and the kids arrive safe and sound:biggrin:
    fingers crossed hope things go great for you all:biggrin:

  15. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Fantastic furniture is another cheapie place to buy stuff..It isnt bad stuff

    Good luck shopping..My fav past time:)
    Jo x
  16. Kate

    Kate Guest

    Hi Lisa,
    We have also have 2 daughters (age 6 & 3) and are planning to be in Brisbane by Sep/Oct time. we are hoping to move to the Hawthorne/Morningside area of Brisbane. We have just decided to rent out our house as it is not selling so should be firming up our plans soon.
    Keep us posted with your progress

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