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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Brumtobris, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Brumtobris

    Brumtobris Guest

    Hi every one
    This is my frist thread. Born in India. Came to Brittian at the age of 8 in the mid sixties. Lived in the Uk over 40 years. Love the country. But now decided to move to the land of my dreams. Wife is nurse and I am freelance Journalist & a broadcaster on the local commercial radio station.Have a doughter aged 10 (who is in India at present) We have been granted 475 Visa. Sort out the house and shipments. We will in Beaudesert QLD end of January. Although I have seen the place on Google World. If any of you can proivide any information on jobs, rental accomodation & schools, It would be highly appreciated.

    Dal & Manj[​IMG]

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya , i live very close to Beaudesert and go every there every week for shopping, its a semi rural area that is 'booming' at the moment, a few of my clients have settled around there as property is very reasonably priced, all the big supermarkets are now there including Aldi,Coles & Woolys, theres a huge public pool and loads of other smaller shops. If you need arrival accommodation let me know ,i have furnished accommodation here and we can also help you with finding a rental and everything else you will need to do on arrival too.
    As your wife is a nurse the nearest hospital would be Beaudesert followed by Logan (which is much bigger and busier).
    My son is 10 and although we dont need a high school just yet Beaudesert High carries a very good reputation in and around the community, for primary schools you have a few to choose from.My son is at Flagstone Primary as its on the Estate we live and not a bad school.
    Beauy (as its known to us locals,lol)also has its own radio station so id be calling in there to see if theyve any work for you for starters.
    Good Luck with everything and feel free to shout if you have questions.
    Cal x
    p.s , just read you have sponsership, is that for yourself or the wife?
  3. Brumtobris

    Brumtobris Guest

    Hi Cal,
    Thanks for the quick responce. Wife has been sponsored. My self and the doughter has visa with her spnsorship.What sort public transport Bueadesert has?.As we need to buy the car as soon as we arrive.Any car auctions? like UK. The accomodation at present is being sort out by the recuritment company. I will contact if we need any help. It is very very cold here in the Birmingham UK.

    Thanks for the info.

  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Public Transport isnt great anywhere other than the inner city suburbs,lol, so cars are a must really.Beaudesert is a few km down the highway from anywere else ,so even though you can get everything you need there on a day to day basis the big dept stores are about 20 mins drive away at Browns Plains.They do have auctions here but you dont seem to get the bargains like you do in the UK. Let me know when your ready to buy ,we know of a few different garages now that give a good service as well as a good discount! If your after a new car Huebner main dealers in Beaudesert are great , i bought my car there, it was a couple of months old so had lost the new value but still carried warranty, the way things are the moment its a buyers market ,so dont forget to haggle!
    Its 5pm here and we have just got out of the pool,it sure is a hot one today, looks like a storm coming so time for tea and bed me thinks,lol.
    Cal x
  5. ABBEY

    ABBEY Guest

    Hi Dal and Manj we are also from Birmingham and going to Brisbane July 2009.We already have our visa's just could'nt make our minds up when to make the move.I work in the motor trade,wife looks after the little one.WE have 3 kids 2 daughters and 1 son.We have friends living over there so will be staying with them until we find our own place.Have to meet up if you want to discuss any other issues.

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