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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by Jock, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Jock

    Jock Guest

    Hi folks. Posted this over on another forum, so apologies if you see it a couple of times.
    Myself, partner and baby son arrived in Brisbane friday past, and have short term acc sorted til 3rd July. Was just wondering if anyone has any advice with regards to suburbs etc? I will commence employemnt at the PA hospital next week, and was initially thinking of some where south of the city. We have been looking at areas on the Beenleigh train line, and liked some places like Runcorn & Cooper's Plains. However, as my partner will be staying at home with the baby for the first wee while, there doesn't seem a whole lot to do in these areas. Was thinking poss a bit further south, maybe loganlea, woodridge etc, as there seems to be plenty of transport links, plus loads to do (such as Hyperdrome).
    Also, we would prefer newer style of properties, and have a budget of approx 300-400 pw. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    To be honest Loganlea, Woodridge, Kingston etc don't carry a great reputation,they are in the Logan Central area and seem to have a slightly higher crime rate than most other areas. Lots of surronding areas are quite industrial so research the area carefully. A drive around when you arrive will help you understand what i mean better,lol. Driving is one of the best ways to find a nice area as suburbs vary greatly.
    Can i ask what you mean by not having much to do? Most suburbs have daycares, playgroups,parks,sports clubs, small shopping ctrs etc. What do you and your partner want in an area? Is there certain things you enjoy doing? or would like to do?

    If you look on you will get an idea of rental property costs, you will struggle to get a newer built house in a nice area for $300 pr week, unless you looked at maybe a townhouse style house in a complex I know a few migrants who have rented in a complex for 6mths or so, its great as most have a pool and games room some even a gym!

    Hope this helps a little
    Cal x
  3. Jock

    Jock Guest

    Hi Cal. I guess those things you mentioned (i.e. things she can do with a baby) are what we are looking for. She doesn't drive, so ideally we'd like these things in reasonable walking distance. We have had a drive round a few suburbs in the south, but they seem fairly spread out, and the last thing I want is for her to feel isolated. I suppose one of the reasons we were looking into the south was for more affordable housing, and being closer to the coast.
    I think the best we can do is maybe just get a rental for 6 months in a fairly decent place in the closer southern suburbs, after which we can evaluate realistic budgets and commuting times etc, oh and maybe get some driving lessons for her.

  4. ohare

    ohare Guest

    Hi Jock, my name is Sean O'Hare and I work for the Daily Telegraph in the UK. We are writing a piece about expats living in Brisbane and the fact that now 1 in 10 people in Brisbane are Brits. I could do with talking to an expat like yourself who has moved out to Brisbane. Do you have a contact number out there? If not, would you mind answering the following questions via message?

    1) Where do you consider home in the UK?
    2) Why did you leave and why Brisbane?
    3) Age, profession and surname.
    4) Do you plan on staying in Brisbane permanently?
    5) What obstacles have you had to overcome during the move? Any surprises alog the way? Advice you could give anyone?
    6) Is it true that property prices are much cheaper in Brisbane than other cities?
    7) How are you finding it so far? Living up to expectation?

    If anyone else is reading this and would like to help me with my research, then please post back a reply to the above questions or post your phone number and a convenient time to call and I'll phone you for a quick chat. Many thanks. Sean O'Hare.
  5. ohare

    ohare Guest

    Hi Cal, my name is Sean O'Hare and I work for the Daily Telegraph in the UK. According to recent stats, 1 in 10 people living in Brisbane = Brits. Are you yourself British, if not, do you know any who would be willing to talk to me about life out there? I am hoping to write up a story for our Expat section of the paper and could do with some quotes. If you have a contact number and a convenient time to call, that would be great. Best wishes

  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Sean
    have sent you a Private Message
    Cal x
  7. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    I think those stats are wrong. 1 in 20.

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