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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by fuzzbox, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Hello there everyone..
    I am new to the brisbane forum so greetings to you all..Hope you can help!!!!! :lol:
    Just been reading a post about where to live in brisbane, which was very interesting as the person posting was previously going to move to adelaide which is where we were origionally going too...we now too have moved focus to sunny Brisbane, and likewise we have done more research on adelaide so will be plauguing you with questions for a I hope you don't mind... :D
    My first is a question on there much work over in brisbane area and what is the rate of pay ect ect...My hubby is a brickie and we will need to make sure there is a steady flow of work before we make the big move...I am a teaching assistant and understand that there is not much call for them is oz schools...can anyone confirm that..

    Sorry I know that there are lots of questions there but i did say that I would be plaguing you !!! :lol: :? :lol:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya ,my sons school has a uk teacher ,so if you get stuck i will ask her how to go about it for you.As for brickies,i think any company in brissy will snap him up,they just cant get reliable staff and they are screaming for them because of all the building work(new estates ) being built.What areas of brissy are you looking at? have you looked at the our brisbane website?and a good read is the Where2Live guide for greater brisbane.good luck with everything

    Cal x
  3. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Hi there...

    We have been looking at upper coomera near brisbane..but for no other reason than it comes recommended from a friend of a friend ect ect..but we need to be near work for my hubby and am interested for the low down on good and bad areas and good and bad schools for our 2 boys..
    am i mistaken or are there not many people posting on this forum at the any help you can direct me to woukd be great..

    looked at the thing you suggested but it led me streight to another forum that i had previously looked at and discounted as i found it not very user friendly and a little harder ti find information ect...

    thanks in advance for any info :D :D :D

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